Ridiculous things people tell to aspiring YouTubers!

Mohammad Kanchwala
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Ridiculous things people tell to aspiring YouTubers!

The recent spurt in the number of YouTubers has been astonishing to say the least, and we can all agree, it has predominantly been quantity over quality. It truly is a viable career option if you have what it takes. But have you tried explaining your YouTuber ambitions to your parents, friends and other peddlers of unsolicited advice?

Common aspiring YouTuber FAQs include, ‘How will you make money?’, ‘Why don’t you just take up a normal job?’ and the Indian parents’ absolute favorite, ‘Log kya kahenge?’, to the mind numbing pieces of insightful tips and advice ranging from ‘try doing AIB or TVF type videos’, to ‘Why don’t you try using this camera or that mic?’.

You can find all these and even more such repetitive, annoying, barely helpful questions, tips and instructions that YouTubers are bombarded with, covered by Niharicka Singh, aka Captain Nick in her video ‘Things people say to new YouTubers’.

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