Twitter India celebrates and remembers the birth of the father of Indian space research in India, Dr Vikram Sarabhai.

Vikram Sarabhai is one of India’s famous personalities who made a name for India around and beyond the world. He was an Indian Physicist and Astronomer who initiated nuclear power and space research in India. One of the reasons behind the development of India’s space and nuclear research was him. Vikram Sarabhai belonged to the famous Sarabhai family that was known as the Industrialist family who was made their reasonable contribution to the Indian Independence movement. He was married to Mirinalini Sarabhai, an Indian classical dancer.

He was equally interested in science, sports and statistics. He went on to develop various institutes about space sciences in India making way for many future scientists and space researchers. Founder of the Indian Space Research Organisation, Sarabhai started the fabrication of Indian satellite and launched India’s first satellite in 1975. August 12th is his birth anniversary and people on Twitter remember him and his contributions.

Here’s how people remembered Vikram Sarabhai on Twitter:

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