Vikram Vedha trailer is an action-packed mass entertainer with an interesting plot that runs high on an adrenaline rush

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Vikram Vedha trailer

This all-grey action entertainer remake of the Tamil film by the same name, Vikram Vedha trailer looks exactly like what we really need in terms of a mass entertainer to pull back the audience in theatres!

Remakes in films have always been a high-risk job, but copy-paste strategy, especially when they are from film industries in the south to Bollywood or the other way around, makes up for a definite risk. Cause why you would want to watch a film that you have already seen in just another language? And if Laal Singh Chaddha is any proof, then it is about how remakes of the film that are truly beloved made with copy-paste strategy can really go down under. The point is simply to make the remake with your own take on running the show and hope for the best. But are remakes different when made by the same makers? Maybe look at Kabir Singh! But the film in question here is Vikram Vedha which is a 2017 Tamil film that has been remade into Hindi but with a lot of creative changes. And with Vikram Vedha trailer, it looks like it might be a good recipe for how to make a mass entertainer out of a remake!

The story is inspired by the Indian folklore characters of Vikram and Beetal from Baital Pachisi. Setting it up in a police-gangster world, the film will explore not the black and white side of things but rather the grey sides of the contrasting worlds. The same Betaal put up morally ambiguous questions in front of King Vikramaditya same way Vedha, the antagonist gangster will put different moral questions in front of the morally upright police officer, Vikram. With a world full of gory violence and encounters, Vikram Vedha together will go on the quest of seeking out the truth.

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The maker duo Pushkar, and Gayathri (Suzhal: The Vortex) who made the original Vikram Vedha starring R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi raised the stakes up high in this one. Everything is increased by 10-fold from the violence to the well-crafted structured action sequences which were not really there in the OG to the character's arcs as Vedha has gone more crazy cruel but magnetic as hell (that end of the trailer where he wears the shades). With Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan as main leads neck to next with each other and the rules of its so-called world, it makes up for a really interesting watch. Especially when Hrithik is the antagonist and Saif is the protagonist which is not what you usually expect!

With background score and brilliant dialogues raising the bar and becoming the exact punch line to the scenes, the trailer is such a rush to watch that you won't want to miss even one sec of it. Even though a lot of creative different approaches have been taken to present this story to be consumed by the masses, my only hope is that the movie is as good and adrenaline thrilling as the trailer is. Vikram Vedha is releasing on September 30 in theatres clashing with Mani Ratnam's PS- I (quite risky).

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