Missing Vine? Well, here’s Byte for those of you who miss the six-second video app!

Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman launched Byte on iOS and Android. The Apple App store had a message from the creators that says ‘the app should seem both familiar and new to users’. This comes as a surprise since Hoffman had earlier announced that he was building a successor to his once-popular short-form video app, Vine but had later cancelled its plans. 

Before Vine was discontinued in 2016, it was quite a rage amongst the youth. Post its shutdown, several competitors in the same space were in the limelight, including TikTok.

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Byte lets you shoot, upload and share six-second videos. The best part about this duration is that the videos are more about no-filler content; something that’s common on TikTok. 

Byte comes with features like a feed, Explore page, notifications and profiles. As of now, several features like remixability, augmented reality filters and transition effects are missing, but hopefully, they will be added soon!

That’s not all – Hoffman has also been actively running a beta tester forum to find out which features the users want him to build next!

According to media reports, Hoffman wants the app to help video creators make money!

The news is really exciting – let’s go on to see how Byte takes over the world, one short video at a time.