Here is how digital creators used their platform to request people to address the concenrs related to ongoing violence against doctors.

Things have been tough for everyone around the world. But the ones who have been suffering the most are our beloved frontline heroes, our doctors. While we are sitting at home and complaining about how bored we are, we aren’t able to travel; these doctors have been working day and night looking after COVID-19 patients. They’ve been doing all they can while sweating it out in their PPE kits, working night shifts and inhuman hours. Spending hours in the hospital, looking after patients, and making them feel safe is not an easy job. These doctors hardly get any time to spare for themselves and their personal lives. Instead of being grateful for their service, the unfortunate news of some of them being attacked has left our country in utter shame. These reports about violence against doctors make us wonder if this is the worst side of humanity.

Seuj Kumar Senapati, a doctor in Assam, was assaulted by a group of 12-15 people after one of their family members died due to COVID-19 and alleged shortage of oxygen. The doctor was punched, kicked, and trashed with metal cans and bricks, they left him in a condition where he had to be hospitalized. Another case was reported about a doctor being assaulted in Karnataka by 4 people after a 6-year-old died due to Dengue. These cases have left us all questioning how we have been treating those who spend their lives serving us. As these reports began to take over the internet, some of our creators used their platform to raise their voices and concern.

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Doctors save lives, and now it’s time we try to save theirs.

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