Say hello to the man who's leaving a mark globally with one joke at a time -Vir Das!

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Vir Das

Comedy as an active profession is still in its growing stages in India, but a very rapid growth rate at that. The youth is crazy about attending stand up shows and even crazier about these artists. And one of the finest and also oldest in this field has been Vir Das –a man with a cutting edge sense of humor.

Be it theater, stand up specials, movies, or OTT shows –he has tried his hands in all the entertainment arenas. Vir Das is one of the few Indian comedians that has received recognition world wide for his art, and he is definitely making the country proud; or should we say making it look funnier! People across the globe love him for his quick wit, cheeky humor, and the way he delivers important and strong messages through humor.

On his 40th birthday (though he doesn’t look a day older than 30 by any means!), we decided to look back at some of his best work that made us laugh our hearts out.

Losing It is one of his most recent specials, and if you haven’t already, you need to watch it NOW!

Funny and solves world problems? What more could you possibly ask for?

One of the only one of its kind, ‘Abroad Understanding’ was a stand up special shot in America and New Delhi simultaneously, and the set was a see-saw between both the places.

Told ya, driving home important issues through comedy is this guy’s forte.

Finally! Someone changing the firangis perception –we are more than just Appu!

If you’re trolling for no reason because you have no life, at least be classy about it.

Here’s one from his earlier days.

HT India’s Most Stylish Awards 2018 was hosted by him and of course, he didn’t hold back!

If you love the Cosmopolitan, you might wanna skip this folks.

And last but not the least, he was recently a part of and international series called, ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ which was a thriller, and also amazing.

Vir Das is definitely what we need to bring quality comedy by India on the global map, and being a fan myself, I couldn’t be happier about it. We wish him a very happy birthday and many more years of bringing us laughter!

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