Indian artists Naezy, Nucleya, Vir Das and Palak Muchhal collaborate with audiobook producers and sellers Audible.

In the age of social media where the visual aspect plays an important part, Audible a producer of audio entertainment on the internet has been launched in India by Amazon. It has become the world’s largest producer of audiobooks and brought in various artists of India together to create shows that talk about interesting stories from around the world. We had a chat with Naezy, Nucleya, Vir Das and Palak Muchhal on their collaboration with Audible and here’s what they had to say.

Here’s our interaction with them about collaborating with Audible:

How did this whole collaboration with Audible happen?

Naezy– “So, some people in audible you know, they were fond of us and what work we do in the space of music and they wanted a show created to tell stories about the journey of people who have achieved something in life through music or whichever way so that’s how we got in touch they mentioned that it’s a good platform and it’s a very unique way of breaking people’s story in front of good audience so because of the quality of the sound because of the production quality because of everything we got interested and with this collaboration and we are excited to launch this app today.”

Palak– “Ya, it’s quite similar for me also. Audible suno had approached me and narrated the whole concept and sounded really exciting to me because it’s a completely raw form of telling your story to people in the most unadulterated form. Very excited to reach out to millions of people. This app is for free so everybody can listen to a story you can get to inspire people.”

While Nucleya said,

“I was in contact with audible suno and I really liked how they have conceptualised this whole thing you know as storytelling is done through audio which is how it was right from the beginning you know like how we as parents read books to our kids and then they hear the stories they can imagine everything in their mind. I make music and I release music for free and this is something that is synonymous with this platform as well where everything that they create is out there for people to listen to for free they don’t even need to sign up you know and that’s a beautiful thing and the whole idea is to be able to sort of be as honest and authentic in terms of being able to sort of narrate your story which I really like.”

What makes listening to a story more interesting than watching or reading it?

Vir Das“Because that is the only time we listen. There have been times when I don’t even remember the dress a person was wearing or the food we were having, I only remember the stories that were told to me. So yaa, listening to the stories is a great way to liven up your imagination.”

Nucleya“Ahh. Ok. So like I mentioned earlier when you are listening to a story you are more or less the director yourself where you can basically imagine whatever you want to imagine you know and that itself is a very beautiful thing that’s how we learn how to imagine things when we are kids you know this whole process of imagining things in your mind helps one in a creative sense as well, all three of us are in a very creative field where it comes very handy to us. Now, I’ll pass on to palak she might want to add on something.”

Palak“Ya, I feel that the major difference is the voice as a singer that’s what I do I sing then I throw my voice tries to connect to the or reach out to the hearts make people relate to what I am singing or understand or read it through my voice. When you are reading a story you read it and obviously that imagination part is definitely there but here I think the voice plays a lot of roles because when you speak up even when I was narrating my story I got emotional and I think when a listener is listening to your story through your voice he can also see the emotion and I think that’s the major difference. I’ll pass it on.”

Naezy– “Ya because when you listen to a story it becomes a different thing altogether because listening to the voice of the storyteller and through the voice you can connect you can engage into emotions and the way the story has been told the expression of the vocals would come into presence and when you are reading a storybook it’s different because you are reading in your mind you are not listening to someone’s voice. When you are listening to someone’s voice it’s a different impact and through the means of technology we have taken this chance and opportunity to create the best sound the best mastering quality sound of whatever story has been told on the show through this trimming app audible suno.”

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What can the listeners or fans expect from your collaboration with Audible?

Vir Das“So there is a story of a boy climbed a mountain even though he was advised by the doctor not to, there is a story of a girl who travelled from Pune to Goa with 100 bucks by staying at people’s house, there is a story about a man who’s tongue split open so there are many, there is this 90 years old man who left his family for love, for the woman he loved. So there are many stories of stupid people, stupid yet normal people who did what they wanted to.”

Nucleya“Listeners might get a good opportunity to explore the stories of people who have fought in their lives and face a lot of challenges and struggles so they might listen to these struggles and these stories and they might get inspired and they might interestingly listen to it and find interest in listening to the stories of people who they admire who they look up to and they might get to know some secrets as well of our personal stories as well and it’s going to be a fun show.”

Palak“So yes if you have loved my music my work then I can say this is the best and if you want to know my story then I think this is the best platform cause here I have not followed any script any structure or any pattern of questions I am just speaking from my heart and telling people what I want them to know and really exceptionally talent artist along with me who have been part of mera music mera mantra and I think as a listener also I speak if I listen to their journey maybe I will also get inspired it’s a way to get inspired and inspire so it’s a beautiful concept and I think if we want to know the story this is the best possible way to do that.”

Nucleya– “ya hi. I think that whatever we have achieved so far as musicians in our journey is quite remarkable and what people know about us is all beautiful things that we have achieved what they don’t know is the stuff that we have gone through. This particular show is really a beautiful way to sort of explore that it’s not an easy ride it takes a lot of commitment a lot of hardship and that’s how everything works. That’s all I want to say.”

How do you think audio entertainment is going to stand out in this age where social media and visual content plays a very important part?

Nucleya“I feel like regardless of platforms or anything else what people really like is a great story which is told with authenticity and honesty and this what this show is all about. Journey’s of all the people who are a part of this show you know that it’s not something that is being fabricated it’s how we are who we are it’s a place that we are very vulnerable, emotional but it’s that the part of our journey and it will definitely vibrate through people they will definitely understand it in today’s age where everything is judged on the basis of how many likes do you have this is something that is gonna live a much longer life I think.”

Palak“Ya I would like to say what he just said I don’t have anything new to add but ya when you watch it when you watch interviews there is definitely this visual thing forced to you and there are different other aspects which can distract you but audible suno is a medium where you can just listen to it with full concentration even while doing it while recording it I was so focused and I was speaking with so much concentration there was no distraction whatsoever which are there in interviews, visual interviews sometimes so I think this is the purest way to convey what you want to and to listen to what you want to ya. I would like to pass it on to Naezy.”

Naezy“Ya it’s going to stand out because it has different concepts which are very interesting and people so there is an audience for this audio platform there is a different audience so for videos there is a different audience but that there is one audience that is just beyond streaming platforms who like listening to audiobooks and podcasts so this is the space where these audience come in to think like this and they take interest and will find a new audience as well so the app is free of cost so that we find new audience as well and we are pretty sure that we are going to find new audience because of the interesting stories and the promotion and all the efforts that we have put in it.”

Watch out for their fun collab with Audible.