Viral Indians: All you need to know about Sonu aka the smiling Zomato guy

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smiling Zomato guy

The most eligible candidate for employee of the year award, the smiling Zomato guy has made it to the Viral Indians list. Check out all you need to know about him here.

How long does it take for an individual to be famous or to be known by people all around? In today's time with the Internet and unlimited data packs, in no time! We find a lot of stuff online that can entertain us as there are a number of people who are in constant search for good and interesting content. Any engaging thing can become a viral trend or event a meme in a matter of days and sometimes, even hours. The latest to join this bandwagon of trending content and our list of Viral Indians, is Sonu or famously known as the smiling Zomato guy. The guy who literally stole our hearts with his smile!

Who is he?

Sonu, commonly known as the Zomato happy rider or the smiling Zomato guy became famous after a video of him, posted by a user on the famous music content creation app, TikTok went viral. In the video, Sonu talks about having a 12-hour shift and getting paid 350 a day while describing how happy he is with his job at Zomato India.

How did he go viral?

In a video posted by a TikTok user on his account where he talks to Sonu about his work at Zomato instantly went viral because of the smiling face that Sonu had throughout the video. He has a fixed smile for the entire video and that amused the people resulting in the video going viral. Following which the TikTok user posted another video with him where he talks to Sonu about him going viral on the internet. He also questioned if he will be making a video on TikTok anytime soon. Considering how infectious his smile is, even we can't wait to know about it.

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This encouraged the famous food delivery app, Zomato India to change its Dp into his face. They also called themselves as the 'happy rider fan club account ❤️'


Check out the memes inspired by the smiling Zomato guy:

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