Viral Indians : All you need to know about the Trivago Guy

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Viral Indians : All you need to know about the Trivago Guy

The words ‘Kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?’ will immediately bring his face to mind. But how much do you actually know Abhinav Kumar, or the Trivago guy, the identity that he has attained and embraced.

The man, the meme, the legend. Abhinav Kumar, not only serves as the inspiration and template for thousands of memes on social media, the man is actually quite the good sport. Even going so far to share memes made about himself on his personal accounts!

Without further adieu, here is all you need to know about the Trivago guy, Abhinav Kumar!

Who is he?

Well his name as you know, is Abhinav Kumar, and surprise surprise, he is not just a random guy they picked up from the streets. The Indian Trivago guy is an actual employee for the company, and no, not just any employee. Abhinav Kumar is the Development Head for Trivago India.

How did he go viral?

Like a lot of things, social media has gained notoriety for making memes on just about anything and everything under the sun! And when the Trivago guy popped up on our television screens, everyone took notice.

Not because there was something spectacularly different or well executed about the campaign, but because of Abhinav’s odd demeanour and ‘not so Television friendly’ appearance. The way he spoke made things even better!

While some people are profoundly annoyed at the sight of the Trivago ad, he definitely has followers who have a reason to love him. The reason happens to be Abhinav’s sporting nature and his ability to not outrage over memes about himself, but also sharing the memes on his own personal Facebook account!!! The Trivago Guy The Trivago Guy The Trivago Guy The Trivago Guy

Abhinav Kumar is not just sporting, but also humble and occasionally funny. He not only shares memes made on himself, but also regulalry replies to tweets from his fans and detractors with equal humility!

The Trivago Guy

This one is the best!

The Trivago Guy The Trivago Guy


I don't even know what to say about this. The Trivago Guy

xD the best.

The Trivago Guy

Top lad.The Trivago Guy

Check out his reply to Atul Khatri's post about him.

The Trivago Guy

How can you hate this guy?


Yes. Of course.

The Trivago Guy publive-image

Abhinav has developed a cult of sorts when it comes to memes, and has even become the subject of Quora discussions and more.

The Trivago Guy

But why did Trivago choose one of their employees with no experience in acting to feature in their advertisements in India?

Let us learn why.

So apparently Trivago is based in Germany and operates in more than 56 countries. They stumbled upon this pattern some years ago when they rolled out a video advertisement featuring the now famous Tim Williams. Dressed in a slightly shabby shirt with a few buttons undone, Tim Williams delivered the exact version of Abhinav Kumar’s Indian Trivago ad, in English.

Tim Williams Trivago ad was so famous that the company decided to emulate the same format in other countries too. Check out the English, Asian and Middle Eastern versions of Abhinav Kumar!

Abhinav Kumar was not the first choice to be the Indian Trivago guy though.

In an interview with Economic Times, Abhinav shares his experiences while looking for the perfect Indian replacement for Tim Williams, "We had a hard time casting for a suitable model, so I was asked by our brand marketing head to do it. Initially I was slightly reluctant, but in the end, I am happy it got people curious about Trivago. We always think that a Mr. or Ms. trivago should just be like one of us. Anyone is capable of using it to search for their ideal hotel and who better to explain the product than an average person?"

So, there you have it. All you needed to know about the Trivago guy from India.

We know you want to watch the Trivago guy at it once again so here you go!

And if there are things you wish to ask him, Abhinav Kumar is all set to go Live on Social Samoa's Facebook page today. Stay tuned in.

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