Viral Indian: Justh, the viral singer-songwriter who 'stole' hearts online

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Love it or hate it, you 'Justh' can't ignore it. Here's more about the singer behind Chor, a song that's been trending on Instagram for quite some time.

Now and then we come across a song or rhythm that initially gets us hooked to the point where it is all that keeps playing in our heads. However, the same starts annoying us on social media, when that's the one song that plays on repeat all day. But Justh’s Chor seems to have cemented its place as the viral song for a while now, and no one seems to be bored of it yet. Even as people keep dancing it to or use it for one of their aesthetic Reels, we don't quite know who this artist is. Who is the man behind the song that has become a current internet obsession? Let's find out!

A chartered accountant by professional, Justh is a Delhi-based independent artist who decided to give the mystical world of music a chance. The artist, whose real name remains unknown, began his musical journey with his first single in 2020 which took him across various venues performing for live audiences. Even though he has been performing for a while, it was his 2023 song that hit the mark among listeners across India. 

How did he go viral?

Although he has been making music for a while and has released his singles Dhoondta Hoon in 2020, Teri Ore, Tum, and Main Yeh Bhi Nahi Jaanta in 2021, it was his song from 2023 Chor that became a chartbuster. With over 1,603,542 monthly listeners on Spotify, Chor has become a fan favorite that people can’t stop listening to enough.

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What can be better than having one’s song reach the majority of the audience organically? As an artist who believes in his work and wants it to leave an impact on the audience, having his song trend might have been a kicker. However, Justh chooses to have a neutral perspective on success rather than jump out of bed every day. With no defined meaning behind his now viral song, Justh decided to leave the song open for interpretation. He wants his work to do its work while he stays true to himself as an artist. 

That is exactly why people have taken it upon themselves to use the song in ways the song inspired them. Some decided to dance to it, while others chose to represent the song through aesthetic visuals. There also have been some who managed to give it a humorous twist while others decided to come up with another POV of the song.

Here's some versions that caught our attention!

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