37 memes from 2018 that show what the year was all about!

Mansi Mirani
Dec 07, 2018 09:52 IST
memes list 2018

Memes come and go, but you know what stays constant? Our constant love for it! The more memes you share, the stronger your relationship is! It’s funny how it’s actually a way to show love/affection for the millenials! I call them new age postcards, you know how postcards had short messages in them, same goes with these relatable jokes! Yes, an article on viral memes list 2018 is here.

2018 brought out all the creativity of the netizens. It didn’t take even an hour for a viral picture to turn into a funny meme! Be it Sui Dhaga’s Anushka or Netflix’s Radhika Apte –the internet didn’t spare anyone! And as usual, they managed to make us laugh to no end.

We’ve compiled a memes list 2018 of all the meme templates that went viral this year to give you a quick hilarious recap! Check it out:

1. Radhika Apte (Netflix)

2. Pub G

3. “Perfection”

4. Mark Zuckerberg (facing the media due to Facebook controversy)

5. Floccinaucinihilipilification (Shahi Tharoor’s use of complicated vernacular)

6. Ghar se nikalte hi…kuch door chalte hi

7. Laurel or Yanny

8. Katekar (Sacred Games)

9. Munna Bhai

10. Kya se kya ho gaya

11. Trivedi bach jayega (Sacred Games)

12. Isme tera ghata…mera kuch nahi jata

13. Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi’s hug in parliament

14. PM Modi’s yoga positions

15. Blank/confused expressions of Rahul Gandhi

Image result for rahul gandhi memes

Image result for rahul gandhi memes

16. Priya Prakash Varrier’s wink

17. Close your eyes bro!

18. Venn diagrams

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19. Anushka Sharma (Sui Dhaga)

20. Ranveer Singh’s fashion sense

21. The Dancing Uncle

22. Moth memes

23. Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare (Zakir Khan)

24. Kaun Banega Crorepati

25. Dhokha Swabhav Hai Mera (Thugs Of Hindostan)

26. Where it hurts

Image result for where it hurts memes

Image result for where it hurts memes

27. Our business is our business, none of your business (Race 3)

28. Hello frands, chai pee lo

Image result for chai pee lo memes

29. Pentagon, she gon

30. Is this a butterfly?

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The Spanish all sounds the same....

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31. MS Dhoni split

Image result for virat kohli split memes

Image result for dhoni split memes

32. Bunty (Sacred Games)

33. Apun Hi Bhagwan Hai (Sacred Games)

Image result for apun hi bhagwan hai memes

34. Two different routes

Related image

Image result for 2 different roads memes

35. Sanjay Dutt doing drugs for the first time (Sanju)

Image result for sanju doing drugs memes

36. The couple and the third girl

Image result for couple and other girl memes

Related image

37. Jalebi movie

Image result for jalebi movie memes

Related image

We bet there were lots in the list that you had already forgotten about, weren’t there? 2018 sure seems a long year now!

Tell us which one was your favorite!

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