WATCH: Viral Pakistani reporter Chand Nawab is back, this time for a 'Paan'

Atharva Pande
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How can we not remember Chand Nawab, the dedicated reporter who inspired Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s hilarious introduction scene in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The inspiration that he is, has adorned the screens of Pakistani television after 10 years and a lifetime of memes now. Whether it is a station full of commuters or an aesthetic food delicacy such as Paan, he always gives his best performance.

Much acclaimed Pakistani reporter, Chand Nawab is back with another interesting issue, the delicious Karachi Paan after the groundbreaking Eid report 8 years back.

The years may have taken a toll on his appearance, but they were no match to his envious journalistic capabilities. He is just as uncompromising on getting his lines out as a decade ago. In this recent clip, he is seen reporting on a Pakistani delicacy, the famous Karachi Paan.

There may be no hoard of people barging into the frame this time, but Nawab is so engrossed in conveying just how exquisite the paan is, that he fumbles his lines a few times:

Chand Saheb even tries different camera angles and tactics to get that perfect shot. He was even so kind as to educate this young man on the nuances of perfect timing:

Watch the icon in action here and tell me you don’t want a Karachi Paan right now:

Let's just say Twitter is in genuine awe of this cute journalist!

Hands down, one of the unique reporters of all time!!!!

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