The captain of Indian cricket team Virat Kholi celebrates his birthday today and we have listed down some of Virat Kholi expressions that explain our life situations perfectly.

Virat Kholi is one Indian cricketer who has made the cricket viewing experience great. The captain of the Indian cricket team is known for his incredible game and also his aggressive self. He is known to be very upfront about his views and has always made his points and thoughts regarding various issues very clear. Apart from his game, he is also known for his incredible game face. This has encouraged many funny memes too. However, these Virat Kholi expressions explain our life situations perfectly. We have listed down some of these, scroll for lols.

Virat Kholi expressions that explain life situations:

When you fail but your friend fails too!

When she finally replies to your DM.

When your mom makes your favourite food.

When you accidentally send the wrong message in your family group.

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When people ask you, “Teko kitne Rangoli stamps mile?”

When you finally pee after holding it for too long.

When your pinky toe hits the table.

Which one is your favourite among these Virat Kohli expressions? Tell us in the comments below.