So well, India’s two biggest obsessions, Cricket and Bollywood, decided to come together to participate in India’s third-biggest obsession, Marriage. And Twitter has NOT stopped talking about the #VirushkaWedding!

BTW, similar thought about the #VirushkaWedding was echoed by an account with way more followers so ya, credit.

Now Twitter users were freaking out, tweeting, retweeting and OHGOD. As pictures and videos of the biggest wedding of 2017 slowly began surfacing on the internet and people were losing their minds. Those Manyavar jokes were begging to be made. Some people were even wondering whether the #VirushkaWedding is an elaborate ruse to promote Manyavar products BUT it turns out, the deed has finally been done!

So one of India’s worst kept secrets is now officially out, and Virat‘s tweet announcing the news has already become the most liked Tweet of the year in India! WOW.

1. Thanks Sachin.

2. No implied jokes

3. Legit life concerns are legit.

4. Chacha concerns are way more legit.

5. What?

6. Ravi Shastriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…

7. Italy jaake Ad kaun shoot karta hai yaar

8. #WednesdayWisdom on Tuesday.

9. He can only be with one Sharma, Rohit.

10. Oh.

11. Same concerns I had.

12. +1 for Korma

13. You really need to read this entire thread because it is amazeballs.

So, I am obviously happy about the wedding. But, I am certainly happier about the jokes!