Moto Vlogger Vishakha Fulsunge's new Kedarnath Vlog will leave you mesmerized

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Kedarnath Vlog

Take a look at Vishakha Fulsunge's new Kedarnath Vlog. Vishaka went on a solo trip to witness and experience the beautiful place.

Travelling is on everyone's bucket list right now, thanks to the long lockdown. Staying at home just made us realize that we never know when things might change and that we should try to complete our wish to travel to new places. While many are still planning on their first post-pandemic trip, there are some who are already going for it with all the necessary precautions, of course. Creator and Moto Vlogger, Vishaka Fulsunge is one of them.

Vishakha is also known as Ridergirl Vishakha and is India's first moto vlogger. She recently ended her hiatus from travelling and visited Kedarnath. The town from the Indian state of Uttarakhand is popular for the Kedarnath temple. People visit the place not only to visit the temple but also to enjoy the picturesque experience that the place has to offer.

Vishakha posted the Kedarnath vlog on her YouTube channel and it has left every travel lover wanting to plan a trip soon. During her vlog, she explains the ways to get there and the struggles she had to face to get to the top. After taking suggestions from her followers, Vishakha went on a solo trip to witness the beautiful town of Kedarnath.

Check out her Kedarnath Vlog here:

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