Recently, actor Vivek Oberoi posted a meme that was a dig on his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Though the actor might have shared the meme in fun, but it didn’t go well with netizens, celebrities, and especially women.

Riding high on the election season and subtly weaving it with his upcoming political biopic, the meme was clearly politically inspired (although he said it wasn’t) and was instantly shot down by people for being in bad taste, and that he shouldn’t have been so insensitive. The issue was fueled to the point that Vivek Oberoi received a notice from the National Commission for Women (NCW). Many celebrities spoke against him as well.

As of this morning, the actor deleted the meme from his feed, and posted an apology. But as they say, blunders of social media can never be erased. Here’s the infamous meme that brought on such distaste:


Sonam Kapoor, as always held no bars on commenting about this. Here’s what she said:

While some are calling Sonam Kapoor a hypocrite because she had once tweeted about how Tanmay Bhat’s joke should be taken as just that and that we should focus on real issues; others stand with her. However, Vivek reacted to this by asking her to overact less in her films and to overreact less on social media in an interview with Hindustan Times.

But the question that is looming like a black cloud is that –Is all of this is a conscious attempt to come in news and a publicity stunt to promote his upcoming film ‘PM Narendra Modi’? No one can say for sure, but if at all it is, it is something we didn’t expect from him.

And if there are celebrities involved, how can the twitterati not be. People gave mixed reactions to this –some were outraged and shaming him, others were of the opinion that it should be taken as a joke and that because of one tweet we shouldn’t forget that Oberoi has done a lot for social causes.

Even though the people’s verdict on this matter is still not concrete, it surely raises some pertinent questions.