Grave stereotyping has taken over the society, imbibing it unconsciously in our minds and now a casual part of our lifestyle; this video through the power of words talks about the curfew system of hostels in Delhi.

The Curfew Cage

The film is built on powerful words and a visual of a male talking about the curfew system bestowed upon adult women of giant Delhi Universities. It has become a custom to restrict women in the name of “security” that is practiced around the country in both, personal as well as professional worlds.

Like he says, followed by the top Institutes of the Capital city of the country where women are supposed to stay caged from sundown to the next morning. In an absolute crisp, serious, wrath and a tone filled with sarcasm the protagonist tries to move us with something that has been normalized to us by the society where women are not even allowed to go get food in the middle of the night, basically snatching away their basic freedom.

He also addresses how a girl needs to follow a certain set of norms to keep the tag of characterless away from her. Switching flawlessly between two characters, the protagonist changes his dialect and as a monologue puts a relatable situation on our screens.

Trying to wipe off the haze between giving security and caging them up, this video puts their message across with utmost seriousness and thrives to vent out the exact emotion attached to this phenomenon.

Unfiltered words, the video talks to the entire Indian society with the undeserved respect as the film specifies how the female gender in this country carries each day the heavy burden of their downgrading mentality.

Addressing the social cause

Highlighting the grave concern of moral policing, The Curfew Cage attempts to stir your thought process, trying to make this feeling contagious and while doing so the video managed to garner almost 1818 views on YouTube.

Putting out a hard-hitting message for the digital world, this video is an exact example of how people are tired of beating around the bush or sugarcoating words, and putting it out in the most straight forward manner possible.