Bjorn Steinbekk captures incredible drone footage of a volcano eruption in Iceland

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Just like Surtur is about to remerge from the Eternal Flame or like Mordor, photographer Bjorn Steinbekk captures a beautiful drone footage of a volcano eruption.

Straight out of a movie, a photographer surprised the internet with his cinematic capture of a volcano eruption in Iceland. The footage was captured near the Fagradalsfjall mountain in Iceland and has gone viral since. Despite volcanos and volcanic eruptions being considered scary and intense, this drone footage by the photographer Bjorn Steinbekk looks beautiful is visually pleasing.

It looks just like Surtur is about to remerge from the Eternal Flame or like Mordor, but less scary and more calming. The eruption happened on March 19 and the mountain is situated about 40 km away from the Iceland capital Reykjavik. The final output that was part of the viral video was captured after thousands of small earthquakes in the area in recent weeks.

Check out the drone footage of volcano eruption:

Lava can reach temperatures up to 1,250° Celsius but Bjorn was lucky enough to recover his drone without any damages. The drone was able to survived the extreme conditions and he also dodged spurts of molten lava spewing from the mountain. The internet was happy to see this natural phenomenon in the most amazing footages of all times.

Here's how the internet reacted:

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