Check out the new teaser for Disney Plus’ much-awaited Marvel show, WandaVision. The teaser was released during the Emmy awards and has sent fans into a frenzy!

It’s a blessed day for Marvel fans as the comics giant Marvel Cinematic Universe and the popular streaming site, Disney Plus Hotstar dropped the teaser for its much-awaited series WandaVision. The first-ever major trailer of the Marvel from this year was released during the Emmy awards.

Marvel has been able to surprise the fans with its most surreal and unique format of story-telling with the sneak-peek. The teaser that begins with Scarlet Witch and Vision‘s household in an 80s sitcom setup not only gave us glimpses of them wearing their iconic comic book costumes but also gave the audiences everything and more to satisfy their long wait. Vtarious fan-theories of he story-line of the series to be most likely to be based on Marvel’s House of M series that talked about Scarlet‘s life after she fell into depression have been already doing rounds.

The show starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as the lead is set up within the Marvel Universe after the events of Avengers Endgame. Although the reason behind how Vision comes back is unclear, as he died in Avengers Infinity War, there is a mention of his death at the hands of Thanos. Disney Plus had earlier mentioned that the show will release in 2020 itself and although there is no date mentioned in the teaser the show will probably be made available to stream by December this year.

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Watch the WandaVision teaser here:

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