Watch RJ Malishka respond to the entire BMC fiasco!

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Watch RJ Malishka respond to the entire BMC fiasco!

The Malishka/Red FM and BMC/Shiv Sena saga continues, and this time, RJ Malishka has responded with a video expressing her graitude towards her fans and supporters who stood by her, no matter what!

Malishka had been unavailable due to being in New York when things turned sour back home in Mumbai, after her video questioning and criticizing the BMC went viral. In a knee jerk reaction, the Shiv Sena slapped a 500Cr defamation notice against her. Not only that, the BMC very conveniently ‘found’ mosquitoes breeding at her Bandra home and issued a notice to her.

All this while, the social media community stood by the ‘Mumbai Ki Rani’ as Malishka addresses herself, and became one voice against the repetitive underpreparedness of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Cororation each year during the monsoon.

Watch Malishka’s response to the entire fiasco as she revisits her very beginning as a Radio Jockey on RED FM, and her previous activism against and for the many civic and social causes for the benefit of our beloved city.

Under the comments section on Malishka’s response video, there were some negative comments as usual, as you can see here.

Malishka Malishka Malishka

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Although, Mumbai and the millions who contribute towards making the world’s greatest city, overwhelmingly came out in support of their 'Mumbai Ki Rani' once again, thanking her for becoming the voice against BMC’s lackadaisal approach.

Malishka Malishka Malishka

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