We tried to jot down few ways that may help you deal with anxiety and stress during these times.

Times have become so much more difficult now. Social media has become a place where people are asking for help and searching for Covid-19 relief resources. With so much happening around and on social media, getting overwhelmed is understandable. All we need is to not feel helpless and to calm ourselves. Even though many of us are safe at home, working or attending online classes, we may find ourselves struggling mentally. Mental health is an important aspect that many of us tend to ignore or not pay heed to in such trying times.

With lockdown being a compulsory measure to help reduce the spread, many of us may feel lonely and alone. Hence, it is important for us to take care of our mental health. People may end up with Coronaphobia, which is a term coined by researchers last year. The term describes a new type of anxiety-related specifically to COVID-19. It is the panic or the alarm of instant stress that people face during the pandemic. Researchers have defined it as, “an excessive triggered response of fear of contracting the virus causing COVID-19, leading to accompanied excessive concern over physiological symptoms, significant stress about personal and occupational loss, increased reassurance and safety-seeking behaviours, and avoidance of public places and situations, causing marked impairment in daily life functioning.”

We should all know and realise that we are not alone in this and that we have our loved ones who care for us. There are always ways that one can deal with anxiety. We tried to jot down few ways that may help you deal with anxiety and stress during these times.

Take look at these:

Have virtual talks with your friends

Try meditation

Listen to old songs

Try listening to Lofi and Ambient Music

Start a hobby

Read books


Regularize your sleep cycle

Try out the trending challenges

Make an effort to learn new things

Spend less time checking the COVID updates

Take a social media detox

Take care of your body

Binge on fun shows and movies

Discuss those shows with your friends

Have game nights with your family

Try helping people however you can

Most importantly, realize it is okay to be anxious. Don’t shy away from asking for help

Please take care of yourself!!

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