30 Ways Of Using Twitter

Vidhi Shah
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30 Ways Of Using Twitter

Twitter which is one of the most popular social networking sites, is just not limited to expressing views. Twitter has evolved far beyond. Its more than people updating their status messages with what they are doing has got multiple uses whether it is marketing, selling, and much more uses are evolving each day. A few of them would be :

Spreading the word about your blog

Want people to know about your blog? Just tweet away.

30 Ways Of Using Twitter

Who'd mind getting gifts?

You can give away some sweepstakes. .. 140 characters.

30 Ways Of Using Twitter


Whats the current news?

Getting reliable and fast and real time news.

30 Ways Of Using Twitter

Save environment, Save earth

Want to draw attention to draw attention to save our planet? Tweet right now. One can show tremendous support just by tweeting about it.


You are listening to station 91.1..

One can use it this as a live radio stream by tweeting constantly


Wanted RMO.

People these days have started tweeting about job on twitter. In fact you have a section for classified tweets alone.


Showcase one’s art

One can use Twitter to share, sell or promote their art by sharing their profile link on Twitter


Keep an eye on your competitors

Want to know what your competitors are up to? Just follow them on Twitter and keep a tab on them.


Check out the new summer collection

Want to know when your favourite designer is rolling out his new collection? You can know all this just by following them on Twitter.


Know what your favourite stars are doing currently

Follow your favourite star on Twitter and know about the happenings in their life.



Love any new movie movie, book or restaurant? Recommend it to your friend by tweeting it.


OMG! I learned a new thing today

One can learn a new fact everyday on Twitter.


In conversation with!

One can post the interview live by tweeting constantly.


Ask questions to your favourite celebrities

People are always curious about what their favourite stars are up to. They have so many questions for them and love to keep track of their daily happenings. Twitter is one such platform where this is possible.


Stay Updated

Want to know whats happening with your favourite team and the status of whether they are winning or losing? Sports channels have started using Twitter stream to share new pictures and videos.



Want people to know you are funny? There are lots of funny tweets everyday that can make you laugh.


*drums rolling* Budget 2014

The government has become social media friendly. Well now you can know what the government is doing just by following them on Twitter.


Have a book coming out? Spread the word with a tweet.

Well one can know about their favourite author’s new release just by following their/their publication account on twitter.


Watch out for a new promo

Twitter is a must tool for any movie promotion these days.


Ask for customer feedback

Want to know what you customers think about you? Ask them that by having a poll on twitter.


Conversions  with friends

Today everyone is busy. You don’t get time for your friends. Want to meet them up? Have a weekly chat on twitter.


Voice your opinion

Have a strong opinion on a certain topic? Well share it with the world on Twitter.


Tips That Can Help

Think you have an idea which can help someone? Well you can help them via twitter for free.


Latest Fashion Trends and Tips

Well one can now know all about the latest trend, how to dress etc by following fashion accounts on twitter.


Tech Freaks

Always wanted to know when was the new break through in the tech world? You can know all of this on twitter.


To promote a small business

Think your business is limited and want to expand? Well now you can promote your business for free on twitter.


What’s new? (Quoi de neuf?)

You can learn a new word in a new language everyday on twitter.


Read Up

One can use twitter as a virtual medium and share knowledge on twitter.


Say goodbye to middlemen

Twitter is a medium where one can sell products directly and reduce their distribution and marketing cost to almost zero.


What is green cloth garden?

Get gardening tips from experts just by following them on twitter.


There are lots more that you can do on the micro blogging site. Start discovering today!


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