Web Series that sensitively handled mental health!

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Web Series that sensitively handled mental health!

Last time we shared some movies about the same this time we want to share some web series that handled issues of mental health sensitively.

We're all struggling with demons of our own and while some of us go to therapy and put in the inner work, mental health is still quite a taboo in a society such as ours. This is why it becomes so important to spread awareness about mental health and what it entails. A lot of movies touched upon mental health and the role it plays in our daily lives and rose conversations about it. And as much exposure as that gave to mental health, the web series explored the issue rather well, given the advantage of building a narrative and portraying its depth over numerous episodes.

This list of series not only touches on the theme of mental health but also on the surrounding ones. Some of them took the more serious route, while the others chose the lighter option - comedy while telling their narratives. From heavy topics of suicide, depression, bipolar disorders to the grief of losing someone, these movies will strike the right chord with you.

BoJack Horseman- Netflix

13 Reasons Why-Netflix

Fleabag-Amazon Prime Video


Big Little Lies -Hotstar

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Netflix

Spinning Out - Netflix

Living with Yourself - Netflix

After Life - Netflix


Big Mouth - Netflix

It's Okay to Not Be Okay - Netflix

Pushpavalli - Amazon Prime Video

These web series might help generate conversations about mental health but they aren't an alternative for actually seeking help. If you need help, please reach out to a professional that can help and guide you better about this.

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