Not that we needed another reason for staying in, but monsoons are here and clubbing is definitely not worth facing a downpour for! It is that time of the year again where you just want to be shrouded in darkness with a piping hot mug of coffee, your laptop screen and watch something that will grip you. And we are here to give you just that!

Thanks to the surge of good online content on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc., we can conveniently cancel all our plans and just sit back and relax! And not just with FRIENDS (although that will always have a soft spot)! There’s a plethora of shows that don’t need a lot of commitment, and can be easily binge watched during the weekend.

Look no further, here’s a list of all the shows (and I mean ALL!) that are perfect for your cozy weekend in!

1. Humoursly Yours Season 2 –TVF, MX Player

2. The Aam Aadmi Family 3 –TVF, MX Player

3. Thinkistan –MX Player

4. End of the fucking world –Netflix

5. Atypical –Netflix

6. Chernobyl –Hotstar

7. Undercover –Netflix

8. The Newsroom –Hotstar

9. Bonding –Netflix

10. Happy –Netflix

11. Sex Education –Netflix

12. Bosch Season 5 –Amazon Prime

13. American Gods Season 2 –Amazon Prime

14. The Mentalist Season 7 –Amazon Prime

15. The Man In The High Castle Season 3 –Amazon Prime

16. Transparent Season 4 –Amazon Prime

17. Fleabag Season 2 –Amazon Prime

18. Mayans MC Season 1 –Hotstar

19. Black Mirror Season 5 –Netflix

20. God Friended Me –Amazon Prime

21. Everything Sucks –Netflix

22. Haq Se –AltBalaji

23. Hannibal Season 3 –Netflix

24. You –Netflix

25. Delhi Crime –Netflix

26. Criminal Justice –Hotstar

Did we just sort your weekend or what? Binge away F.R.I.E.N.D.S, binge away.