This weekend’s roundup has covered updates that will take you through all kinds of emotions. Read on to know more.

From creating, meeting their idol, and checking another box, our favorite creators have done a lot this weekend. Scroll through the weekend’s roundup to know all the buzz. To start off with, Times Fashion Week happened recently and the whole show was indeed very creative. What was really exciting to watch apart form the collections itself was to see some of our favorite creators setting the ramp on fire with their walks. Content creators, Leisha Patidar and Aastha Shah walked the ramp for Gulabo Jaipur while Ashi Khanna was the show opener for the same. Kusha Kapila shares about buying her first apartment in Mumbai. She took an Instagram post to express her excitement.

Viraj Ghelani celebrated his 30th birthday on 24th April. He also posted a video he made with Sachin Tendulkar who also happend to celebrates his birthday on the same day. We saw the God of cricket creating content with a lot of well-known creators like RJ Karishma, Barkha Singh, Karan Sonawane, Neel Salekar etc.

We all strive to be the best in whatever we do which is great until we forget to care about our physical and mental boundaries. Creators often end up criticising their own ideas and overworking to the point where they drain themselves. Komal Pandey took an Instagram post to share about how she has been rough on herself when it came to creating content. The post surely inspires us to follow a routine that aims for healthy productivity. There have been other updates that the creators had to share and if you don’t want to miss out on them, then keep reading.

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Here are all the updates:

May these updates help you fight your Monday blues. Have a productive week ahead!

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