2021 has begun and how, turns out everyone who hoped for #goodvibesonly on NYE didn’t get their wish. To make things better, here’s a weekly meme round-up of hilarious trends that made us laugh this week.

Throughout all the hardships and sadness in our lives, there is only one thing that is constant, the surge of memes that we witness on the internet. An internet without memes is like 2020 without masks, we cannot survive it. Memes are the sole reason that makes us want to go back online. They make the more common and shocking news funny and bearable. Since we have successfully completed the first week of 2021, with some irregularities, of course, we made a weekly meme round-up with posts that made us laugh this week.

Check out this weekly meme round-up:

New year 2021

US vs IND flag trend

PC: @beglamrs
PC: @thelocaldesignerr
PC: @saakshik

Singing pasta

Elon Musk richest man

PC: @insanechandler
PC: @aksharpathak

Rakhi Sawant Bigg Boss

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