From Prajakta Koli's upcoming show to Jainil Mehta's India tour, this weekly roundup has all the updates

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From Prajakta Koli's upcoming show to Jainil Mehta's India tour, this weekly roundup has all the updates

This weekly roundup is all about creators creating and impacting. Scroll through the roundup to get the updates that you might have missed.

Apart from making our feeds scrollable, social media influencers are also good at making an impact on everyone around them and this weekly roundup is all about that.

Prajakta Koli has announced being part of another show and we can't keep calm. She recently shared the poster of her upcoming show "Ye Shaadi Nhi Ho Sakti" where she will be playing the lead role alongside Chaitanya Sharma aka SlowCheeta. The show is set to release on 19th February on Tata Play. Kusha Kapila is making a cameo as Nayantara in Lionsgate's original show "Minus One" which will be exclusively available to stream on Lionsgate play on 14th February.

Beauty Pageants presents a great opportunity for young and talented women to become role models. Amongst hundreds of aspirants who contested for the Miss India title, Rida Tharana was announced under the top 16 contestants to become Miss India.

Who isn't fascinated by the incredible moves of Jainil Mehta? Well, he is doing an India tour and conducting workshops for people who are interested in dance. Jainil has confirmed that he will be covering over 11 cities during this tour. Speaking of spreading your craft, Sakshi Sindwani always finds a reason to add glamour to anything and this time she added glam to the streets. It was an experiment where she wore, runway-like outfits on the streets and recorded everyone's reaction. Some found it stunning while others were just shocked.

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Here are all the updates:

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