From Dolly Singh's upcoming ad to Chetann Gupta's collab with Ashneer Grover, this weekly roundup has all the stories

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From Dolly Singh's upcoming ad to Chetann Gupta's collab with Ashneer Grover, this weekly roundup has all the stories

This week was all about creating and collaborating with our favourite creators. Scroll through this weekly roundup to get all the interesting updates.

The end of the week is here but what has no end is the creativity on social media. From attending events to being creative, we saw our favourite creators do it all. Scroll through this weekly roundup to know all the buzz. Chetann Gupta recently did a fun video collaboration with Ashneer Grover. The satirical comedy was titled "When a baniya dad meets Ashneer Grover" and is a fin short skit to watch. Speaking of collaborations, we have been seeing Dolly Singh share screen with Rajkumar Rao for a Lays ad. She recently shared some behind the scenes of the shoot. Meta India recently held Our Digital Suraksha Summit event that brought key policymakers, parenting communities, creators and educators together to talk about safety on social media platforms. Sakshi Shivdasani talked about her content creator journey during the event.

Creators have made social media, a safe space for people to open up and talk about things that often go unheard. Malvika Sitlani was on the show Papa Don't Preach by Shubhika and used the opportunity to open up about her journey to become a confident mother. Mentioning using the platform to talk about important issues, Sameeksha Sud too used her platform to talk about the stress that comes with being on social media. She highlighted the fact of how things shown on social media is not all that there is and acknowledged the helpful support she gets from her fans during the tough times.

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