Brush through this week's news roundup to stay up-to-date

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week's news roundup

Take a look at the week's news roundup that you need to have knowledge of.

Considering how bored we are at home, there is a bunch of news that happened this week. We have made a list of week's news that was important and something that you should know. So check out week's news roundup and stay updated.

Check out week's news roundup:

The centre accused Pinarayi Vijayan’s government of Kerala for diluting and violating the MHA guidelines by opening restaurants and buses for the people.

The US oil market hits the lowest price for the first time due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But the desi Twitterati tries to find laughter with funny crude oil memes.

Social media major and Reliance Jio come together as Facebook makes an investment in Jio with is the largest FDI in India’s tech sector.

Pass the brush challenge made it to the new quarantine trend list.

Any trend or news you followed this week? Tell us in the comments below.

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