Universities are a world of their own. There are very few experiences as global as that of university life. Read through to smile, cry and laugh your heart out

it’s tiring and unforgettable — University life is a rollercoaster ride. Cramming all the knowledge of the world in your head while working on never-ending assignments is no mean feat. While the crippling student loans make it hard to believe that there is sunshine on the other end, students keep moving forward, making hilarious memories in their wake.

Oh, the joy of acing at life!

Sleep is key to success, preach

Just for a few hours, I promise

We just want to READ!

Something to hit at when life takes a swing at you

Erm, sleep deprivation is a state of mind?

When survival instincts kick in

Attending a concert is good for you well being

As long as the teacher forgets the yelling while grading…

Let’s have a monologue-level discussion, shall we?

Humans are really good at adapting to tricky situations

Keep the brew coming!

Everything was easier when we were younger, no?

The dark clouds never really go away

This is just about the best feeling in the world

Whatever keeps the boat rowing

Assignments can be a triggering mess

Angels and advice often come along


Some choices are really tough to make

It’s all about keeping faith