It was roughly five years ago when I was first introduced to Game Of Thrones by a friend, and needless to say, that show changed my life. Over the years, not only the characters, but the actors too became closely associated with us and Emilia Clarke is perhaps the best example!

As we devoured season after season of Game Of Thrones, it became more and more difficult for us to not fall in love with Emilia Clarke and her Khaleesi alter ego on screen, which let me tell you is a total sham! She is nothing like it in real life and that is the one thing I love about her because she’s an absolute goofball who can’t even nail that prim and proper Hollywood smile.


Her Instagram is full of random antics, honest smiles, candid laughter and tomfoolery that is nothing like her perpetually grumpy Khaleesi personality! Hey don’t you plan on Ned Stark-ing me but Daenerys is just no match for Emilia Clarke and her eccentricities!

1. Imagine any other Hollywood actress uploading a picture like that! 

2. Just look at these two weirdos. 

3. Told ya

4. 100% better than Daenerys!

5. Well she is the rightful heir. Or isn’t she???????????

6. I don’t know why they’re doing it but I’m doing it too. 

7. She is so creeped out by Dora Long Legs on steroids! 

8. wat

9. Oh! Surpriseeeeeee…

10. We’ve all been there.

11. Just watch the video it’s adorable af

12. She had three wee dragons too if you remember. 

13. I never had a favourite on screen couple that looks better off-screen! You know with him being dead and all.

14. This is how she chose to celebrate 1 million followers. She now has 15 million.

16. Big dress – 1. F*cks – Zero.

17. This is how she joined Instagram! 


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Never change Emilia, never change.