Here's how people captured the magic of Wes Anderson with fun Reels!

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Here's how people captured the magic of Wes Anderson with fun Reels!

The recent Wes Anderson trend had us all looking for stories around us. Here are some Reels where creators have brought out stories from the most regular things.

Calling the aesthetic of Wes Anderson movies beautiful is an understatement considering the use of vibrant colours, meticulous attention to detail, and quirky characters in his storytelling, all of which contributes to the surreal and dreamlike atmosphere that permeates his movies. His cinematic style is all about featuring colourful imagery, distinct characters, and whimsical storytelling that transports viewers to a world of pure imagination. His cinematic style is crafted with a delicate balance of humour and melancholy, leaving audiences both delighted and introspective. Well, all of us appreciated Wes Anderson for his unique way of telling things and something so creative can't remain unappreciated.

We recently had a trend where people gave their version to storytelling following the aesthetic of Wes Anderson. There isn't a single dialogue but the colours, moments, angles and expressions are all combined to tell a story. People used this opportunity to go all creative with their skills as we saw a Wes Anderson kinda aesthetic coming out of everything. The trend will make you look for stories around you and in everything. Down below we have created a list of our personal favourite Reels of this trend.

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Check these out!

Go and act as like you too are in a Wes Anderson Movie!

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