The West Bengal Tourism ad is going viral for all the right reasons

Aishwaria Sonavane
Jan 24, 2017 13:25 IST
The West Bengal Tourism ad is going viral for all the right reasons
The West Bengal Tourism film was enlivening with crisp visuals, splashing of vivid hues on the screen, a saccharine regional melody in the backdrop and the glistening presence of Shah Rukh Khan.

The sweetest part of India

Taking us through the raw streets and culture of West Bengal along with a foreign tourist, the film communicates majorly through the enticing visual content.

Beginning with a soulful, traditional Bengali wedding the film surfaces the enriched beauty of this part of the country. Taking us through the elements, the film as it moves ahead shows the dense yellow taxi running on the huge Howrah Bridge, later alongside the football blue graffiti wall.


Complimenting the boulevard through her outfits, she walks through the dusky, narrow market filled with the splendor of piled up books in the warm tint. To emboss the spirit of Bengal in it, she picks up a book of Rabindranath Tagore and travels ahead in the bus.

The film then takes her to the mute architectural magnificence of the state, closer to the untouched rural literary music and dance form which is brimming with culture and color of the land. After the rustic scene, the film even portrays the regal side of the state as she wakes up on a king sized rich brick bed and feasts on scrumptious Bengali cuisine against the mustard hued backdrop.

Further, it even showcases the depth of mythological drama that is imbibed within the soil of West Bengal and the grand Durga Pujo scenario is recreated, and she even goes on to sip some tea from the illustrious, lush green tea plantations of the State.

The conclusion has a surprise element when the brand ambassador of West Bengal tourism, Shah Rukh Khan enters and is seen doing what he does best- a romantic scene in Bengali.  And wraps up the film by saying, “Welcome to Bengal, the sweetest part of India.”

Experience of the film

The film through his alluring visuals, revamped the entire tourism campaign for Bengal, which went through a magical transformation from ‘Beautiful Bengal’ to ‘Experience Bengal to Sweetest Part of India’

Shooting on prominent tourist spots, the film manages to carve out the real essence of the State. Pinned on their Facebook page, it managed to receive 987k views, 18k positive reactions and the comment section flowing in. Along with that, love for the film was flowing on the digital platforms where it gained plenty of praises.

Plenty of Bengali publications picked up the film and shared about it in their regional language, but the English version will work in favor of the tourism as reaches out to a larger audience and charm them to their land.

Running on its aesthetic value the film managed to garner attention, but the tourism page need further endeavors to promote this film.

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