What makes YJHD- Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani so wholesome even after 9 years?

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9 years ago Naina, Bunny, Avi, and Aditi from YJHD came into all of our lives and made a special place for themselves in our hearts!

It has been nine years since the release of the iconic film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani aka YJHD and it doesn't feel like that at all, does it? It feels like yesterday when to give someone gyaan we used 'jitna bhi try karo kuch na kuch to chootega hi to jahan hai wahan ka mazza lete hai" or to explain one's experimental side we just said "main udna chahta hun, dhaudna chahta hun, girna bhi chahta hun, bas rukhna nhi chahta" or for that very much needed love sign "kuch logon ke saath waqt bitane se hi sab think ho jaata hai" was enough. It's strange to know that this pitara opened up 9 years ago with its box full, and it just didn't bring in a new-age film, but also made an entire generation feel seen and heard and became the epitome of coming-of-age stories.

To be honest the movie with all its iconic dialogues, songs, dance, fun, and masti flows like a beautiful poetry. By taking you on locations extending from the mountains of Manali to palaces of Udaipur, from trekking to a wedding, from friendship to love story, making YJHD not just a film but an experience! While the locations gave us ideas for a trekking trip or destination wedding it was the struggling coming-of-age soul of the film that touched our hearts. Naina, Bunny, Avi, and Aditi are all just lost struggling souls who undertake this journey of growing up which involves taking an adventure, falling in love with another and with oneself, changing friendships, heartbreak, career, ambition, and basically in short what we call adulting today. And in the end, they all come out as grown-ups in their own sense, and isn't that what growing up is all about? Distancing from the idea of home to find your own space, balance, and home!

Though of course, we can debate endlessly about the practicality of the end of the film or problems with Bunny's character but we still all run towards watching this film time and again just as we sit with the nostalgic boxes that we have stored from school or college life, for some comfort. And while the film definitely represented an entire generation onscreen in a new fresh light but it also taught some valuable lessons like taking an adventure just to break the monotonous routine, following your passions will full might, to be okay with getting lost cause Kabira you will find your way back home, and no matter what happens in friendship you will always find your way back to each other if you want to.

And the film does all of this with much ease and a whole lot of cliche Bollywood drama but who's to say that that is bad? And maybe that's what makes it work! Because with all its extravagant lifestyle and impracticality at times the film is still wholesome for the millennials as it's the perfect balance of being relevant while not leaving behind the roots. It was a conversation starter in many homes to choose a different career path as well as the constant difference between Bunny and Naina represented the plight of a young mind. While Aditi's second chance at love after an unrequited love gave hope, Avi's loyalty in friendship reminded us of all the efforts that are needed to maintain friendships.

And isn't that what adulting is? From figuring yourself out to figuring the world out with some right people by your side! As Naina aptly says, "wo din, wo raatein, wo hassi, wo masti, wo dosti,' aur Bunny, Naina, Avi, and Aditi maybe that's all we really need in life and a nudge towards opening up that pitara of yaadein once in a while!

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