While What The Folks S4 is back with its usual charm and magic, something seems a miss

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What The Folks S4

What The Folks S4 is the last piece in Anita and Nikhil's family drama and The Sharmas leave you with a warm heart.

Life has literally come full circle for Anita and Nikhil who started their journey with Nikhil ringing the doorbell of the Sharma house. Over these years with their three seasons, the Sharmas and the Solankis have taken us on a journey, one that's filled with jokes, realistic issues, and a whole bunch of emotions. Dice Media's WTF started with giving us a funny take on modern-day relationships with in-laws but went on to become much more than that. What The Folks S4 continues the legacy of the show but there are times when you feel like there's something missing.

This season's focus is back on the Sharma house once again where Anita (Eisha Chopra) and Nikhil (Veer Rajwant Singh) are all ready to adopt a child and Akshata (Anula Navelkar), Anita's younger sibling is all set to marry her boyfriend, Siddharth (Ravjeet Singh), who she's been dating for three years now. For the Sharma parents, Sudha (Deepika Amin) and Prakash (Nitish Pandey), their children who have all grown up and are making the decisions themselves is a hard thing to digest and hence the usual tussle originates.

From motherhood, learning the art of letting go, a minimalistic marriage to stereotyping South Indians, the fourth season deals with it all. Anita feeling anxious about being a mother, Sudha's sweet-simple way of being a mom, and Sid's amma, Nandini's, cool-bold approach to being a parent is quite an interesting yet refreshing take on motherhood. The process of adoption and contrasting views on multiple functions during a wedding between Akshata and Prakash adds to the charm, tonality, and magic of the season. But Nikhil seems to be missing a lot through the season which brings a kind of vacuum. And it takes a while to warm up to Nitish Pandey as Prakash instead of Vipin Sharma.

Nevertheless, with Gaurav Patki's effortless writing skills and Mandar Kurundkar's superfluous direction, this last ride with the Sharmas makes WTF S4 an official farewell to the show while teaching us a thing or two about letting go. Shifting the focus of the season on Akshata and Sid instead of Anita and Nikhil as well as the adoption, in turn, suggests that they're paving the way for the future. While there are many scenes that will leave your heart feeling warm and tears in your eyes, you also have funny moments that will leave you crackling.

The five episodes are currently streaming on Dice Media's YouTube channel. Eisha mentioned this in the interview, "There are some things that work well in parts, there are some that work as a whole" and this season is definitely that for me!

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