Bring out your KENergy to the theaters with some inspiration from these Indian Kens

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Fashion influencers truly have something for every mood and occasion and if you're unsure of what to wear to watch Barbie, simply head to their feed!

Come on Barbie, it’s time to party! The world is at a standstill anticipating what one can expect from the upcoming Greta Gerwig movie! One thing is for sure, the world hasn’t been the same since the trailer released and it won’t be after we watch all the Barbies and Kens in theatres. People have been obsessing over everything - a little snippet, look, and character from the movie. Everyone’s inner child came to life when we saw the Barbie world in the trailer. While we can’t stop dissecting what the movie has to offer along with falling in love with every Barbie we've seen, Ken has also been the talk of the town. The fact that Ryan Gosling plays one of the many Kens has made everyone look forward to the movie. Although one might have ignored Ken growing up, you definitely can’t for this movie. Ken is a part of the Barbie world who comes from Willows, Wisconsin just like her with a reasonable line of fashionable clothing and accessories. Since we are all preparing ourselves for the grand event where we will get to witness the Barbie magic, dressing up to fit the grandeur of the movie definitely excites many. Thankfully we have had many Indian influencers or dare we say Indian Kens to help us pick an outfit that will be apt to watch to the theatres!

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If you are a part of the Barbie gang and are looking forward to watching the movie, you've got to check these outfits out!

Which look are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments below!

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