Decoding romance: 8 elements that define the charm of K-Dramas!

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There are certain elements that are the crux of K-dramas and here’s breaking down why each one of them work for us!

Over the rise of the Hallyu wave in the recent few years, K-dramas have become a synonym to romance. The minute you say you’re looking for something feel-good and romantic to watch, either your Netflix algorithm or an avid K-drama fan around is recommending you a list of things you can watch. But let’s take a step back and see what really makes K-dramas so addictive? There are certain elements that you notice in most K-dramas and eventually you will look for these same elements in every show. It’ll be almost as if neither you nor these K-dramas can live without these elements, which when put together, make a perfect romantic story come to life!

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The soundtrack

The songs in a K-drama just add to the romance. It’s the one element that brings the narrative, the cinematography and the acting all come together and look good on-screen. Many of these K-drama OSTs are sung by popular K-Pop idols and singers which makes it more appealing to the audiences.

The childhood/past connection

In almost every K-drama, as the plot unfolds, you’ll eventually find out that the leads were friends during their childhood and eventually forgot about each other, only to meet again in the future and fall in love. Or there will be a certain past connection that the two will realize through a plot twist and that just brings them closer.


Finally holding hands at like the 8th episode

Old school romance is like the biggest selling factor for K-dramas. The tension between the characters finally leading up to them accepting their love for each other is immaculate and what K-drama fans truly live for. After a wait for a good 8 episodes when the leads finally hold hands or kiss, it feels like the world is all magical and it's exactly what you deserve too!

nam joo hyuk

The umbrella scene

There are certain scenes that are staple in a K-drama. Be it the female protagonist almost about to fall in slow motion and the male protagonist holding her just in time or the very cute umbrella scene! When she conveniently forgets her umbrella when it's pouring outside, that’s when, out of nowhere, he appears with an umbrella above her head. They walk along as they share the umbrella but he gives her more protection than himself. Yes, we love it EVERY SINGLE TIME!

umbrella scene

The little things they do for each other

In K-dramas, love knows no boundaries and conditions. The leads go above and beyond to do romantic gestures without letting each other know or making a big deal out of it. Like already keeping hand warmers inside their jacket, or planning ahead of time for something that they really want. It makes you feel like when you would fall in love, you would also automatically feel like doing these things for your partner!

25 21

Can’t take your eyes off the stunning lead characters

After every K-drama, there’s a new crush added to the list. Because a romantic and gorgeous face feels too good to be true but the K-drama leads always are the most fabulous looking people you’d ever see!

my demon

Same feels but a new storyline 

Somehow out of the plethora of K-dramas that we watch in a year, not a single one of them is similar to the other in terms of a good premise and a storyline. Each K-drama explores various different career aspects to show on-screen. Whether it’s hotel management, flight attendants, a publishing house or a fashion brand, love blooms in the middle of all these various settings and it’s very intriguing to watch.

king the land

They’re team players

Your partner should always feel your team player and K-dramas excel at portraying that. It’s them against the world and fighting the bad guys together has never looked more romantic!

marry my husband

What are some of the elements that you love in a K-drama? Let us know in the comments below!

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