8 high school K-dramas for a summertime dose of young love and nostalgia!

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We’ve curated a list of light hearted high school K-dramas that you can binge watch whilst reminiscing your good old days of first crushes and friendships.

Summers are the best season to stay at home and binge watch countless K-dramas that make your heart flutter and make you blush endlessly. It is one thing to watch grown ups fall in love but it’s a whole other feeling to see a simple teen crush blossom into a sixteen episode romance. Each high school drama is so different from the other though. Some deal with time travel, some deal with body and skin insecurities we had as a teenager, and some truthfully portray how high school love does not last forever for most of us. Another thing about high school K-dramas is that it’s not just about love, it also shows everything that surrounds a teenager’s life and a huge chunk of that is drama! Lots and lots of it! Rivalry between the popular kids and the ‘misfits’, school competitions, skipping classes and getting punished for it - there are so many nostalgic sub-plots amidst the main plot. 

High school K-dramas also have many cliche elements but we love every bit of it as that’s what we start a teen love story for. The umbrella scene, catching someone in slow motion while they’re about to fall, sleeping on the boyfriend’s shoulder while on the bus, all of this is what makes a teen K-drama have a swoon worthy essence of its own! 

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Here’s some of the most romantic and entertaining high school K-dramas of all time!

Lovely Runner - Rakuten Viki

With just half way through the show, Lovely Runner makes it to our list simply because of how adorable the love story is. Im-Sol and Ryu Sun-Jae portray the Idol-Fan love while also playing with tropes like love at first sight and time traveling to change your fate for the better.

Twinkling Watermelon - Rakuten Viki

Another time travel classic, Twinkling Watermelon revolves around Eun-Gyeol who time slips and meets his parents when they were teenagers. He tries to make sure they fall in love sooner and also prevent his dad’s accident so he does not lose his hearing this time.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim-Bok Joo - Netflix

Kim Bok-Joo is an ace weightlifter but she is also just a teenager navigating high school. She falls in love with her nutritionist and tries to change things about herself to look more ‘feminine’. Here’s when her childhood friend comes into her life and teaches her that she is beautiful just the way she is and she should focus on achieving her dreams.

True Beauty - Prime Video

Insecure about her appearance, Lim Joo-Kyung, a high school student uses make-up to conceal her blemishes. However, she soon befriends a boy who falls in love with her for her true self.

18 Again - Netflix

Da-Jung gets a second chance at life when he goes back to being 18 again and saves his marriage from ending.

Extraordinary You - Jio Cinema

When a high school student finds out that she is a character straight out of a comic book and her destiny is already decided by the writer, she tries to change her fate by finding the love of her life.

Love All Play - Rakuten Viki

Park Tae Joon's family owns a badminton equipment company, which leads him into the sport. Park Tae Yang is a former aspiring badminton Olympian. The two end up sparking a romance when they end up on a mixed doubles team together.

Twenty Five-Twenty One - Netflix

Naa Hee-Do, a teenage fencer, falls in love with Baek Ye-Jin, who is trying to re-build his life on a new slate. There’s friendship, heartbreak, and some 90s nostalgia in this story about young love!

Which of these would definitely make it to your watchlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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