BTS' impact: Significant qualities Armys have learned

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One of the biggest reasons why BTS is so loved is because of the various qualities Armys look up to them for and here’s diving into what each member highlights through his personality!

BTS is proof that hard work betrays no one. Their resilience towards their dreams has been an inspiration for so many to get up and give it their all for something they love. Ever since we were kids, we’ve learnt a little bit of something from the people around us. Our teachers, parents, grandparents and friends. Simply because these are people we interact with on a daily basis. In the same way, BTS, too, is a major part of Armys’ lives. We see them every single day on our screens. We laugh with them, cry with them and along the way, we also learn a lot from them. Since day 1, BTS has stood for ‘love yourself, speak yourself’ which basically gives the message to many young fans that you must always speak your truth and own it, no matter what. Given that there are 7 members in BTS, not even one of them is similar to the other, which actually works out best for the group as those 7 qualities that make them stand out blend together like 7 colors of the rainbow. 

They unintentionally became our mentors and here's why!


Being the leader of the group, he has taught us what good leadership skills can look like. Supporting your team no matter what and always pushing beyond your abilities, is what we learn from him. He is the only member who is fluent in English and knowing that there are many armys out there who are learning Korean, his perseverance and dedication towards learning something new is what we learn and absorb from.



Nobody teaches you to love yourself the way Jin does. He exudes confidence and loves himself the most and rightfully so because if we don’t love ourselves then who will? He made an entire stadium sing ‘I’m the one I should love in this world’, which are lyrics from his popular song Epiphany. It sets a great example for embracing your insecurities and accepting ourselves the way we are.



Suga really went through a lot of obstacles in his past in order to achieve his dreams. He worked part time jobs to make ends meet and in the process of that met with an accident at a very young age. That and the big question of ‘if’ he’ll make it or not in the industry, really took a toll on his mental health back then. But through his music, he shared his story and inspired many to not only believe in their dreams but also prioritize their mental health and heal themselves with therapy and time, step by step. 


J - Hope

J-Hope is the human embodiment of ‘practice makes perfect’. He teaches us to practice till we’re so good at what we do that it leaves everyone around us stunned or in awe of. Be it dancing, singing, or learning a new language, J-Hope gives out the message that as long as we have the passion for it, we will succeed. He is also a walking reminder that we should smile as bright as the sunshine while navigating through life!



Jimin does not have a mean bone in his body. He teaches us to be kind even if the opposite person might not be our biggest fan. He always has positive things to say about life, his fans and his members and it only makes you want to replicate that persona in your life. 



He is always the one in the group who thinks differently or outside the box. If the rest of them go right, he’ll go left and prove that everyone has different ways of reaching the same destination. His recent solo album promotions have also been so different from what BTS usually does. In a time where peer pressure constantly wins, V's quality of not walking along with the herd, sets him apart from the rest. In the same way, if we ever try stepping outside the situation and looking at it as a third person, it might just help us notice things that others are not able to.




Jungkook abides by always going with your instincts and never ignoring what they’re telling you. We don't always need a set plan for everything, simply because there's a right time for everything and our insticts decide when that time comes. Jungkook took a break from his face-paced idol life this year and it was not until the second half of 2023 that he really started working on his solo album in full force. Be it finding inspiration or turning on a live literally whenever he feels it’s right, Jungkook truly believes in going with the flow.


What is something that you learnt from BTS? Let us know in the comments below!

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