Queen of Tears: Initial episodes surprise with easter eggs and crossovers!

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Queen of Tears

Queen of Tears has just begun and it's already given us so many reunions to geek over and discuss about. Here’s every unexpected crossover we saw in last weekend’s episode!

Queen of Tears starring Kim Ji-Won and Kim Soo-Hyun finally released last week on Netflix and there was so much to unpack from it. The first two episodes, with its lengthy duration, gave us good enough insight into what we can further expect from the drama. The two lead actors are paired together for the first time and it was a pair we didn’t even know we needed because they look rather good together. We see them get married in the first episode itself, for a second it felt like the drama is going in reverse but then we saw that the two don’t get along at all after marriage and Baek Hyun-Woo (Kim Soo-Hyun) really wants to get out of this relationship. In the process of that he has too many meltdowns often, sometimes in front of his friends, sometimes in front of his therapist. This gave the makers quite a few opportunities to drop easter eggs, get some actors together who we’ve loved in the past who even re-create each other’s iconic scenes from previous dramas. 

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Here’s every reunion or reference you might have missed out on!

The Moon brothers reunion!

The Moon brothers are by far the most loved reunion out of the first two episodes. Kim Soo-Hyun and Oh Jung-Se were together in ‘Its Okay To Not Be Okay’, one of the most popular K-dramas ever. In the drama, Oh Jung-Se played Kim Soo-Hyun’s elder brother who was also on the autism spectrum. Their bond was one of the major highlights of the show so to see Oh Jung-Se make a surprise cameo as Kim Soo-Hyun’s therapist in the new drama had all the K-drama fans celebrating their reunion.

its okay to not be okay

Kim Soo-Hyun recreating Kim Ji-Won’s iconic scene from Fight For My Way

During one of his ugly cry sessions, Kim Soo-Hyun recreated Kim Ji-Won’s viral scene that people still imitate. While venting his anger in the scene he added a certain adlib and said ‘I can’t do that because I’m really cute when I’m drunk’. He says it in the same way Kim Ji-Won does in Fight For My Way and in the behind the scenes, he says he actually wanted to pay tribute to her character.

Apart from the Moon brothers reunion, there are quite a few actor pairings in this drama who will be seen throughout the show.

Kim Ji Won and Kwak Dong-Yeon

Kim Ji Won and Kwak Dong-Yeon were previously seen together in Fight For My Way where Kwak Dong-Yeon played her boyfriend who cheated on her. Thankfully in Queen of Tears, they play siblings!


Kwak Dong-Yeon and Kim Soo-Hyun

Yes, Kwak Dong-Yeon has in fact worked with both the leads from this drama. He played one of Kim Soo-Hyun’s patients in ‘Its Okay To Not Be Okay’ and now the two are brothers-in-law in the new drama.

kim soo hyun

Na Young-Hee and Kim Soo-Hyun

‘My Love From The Star’ was what really gained Kim Soo-Hyun his fame. The drama was the first thing that put him on the map. Na Young-Hee played one of the supporting roles in the show and the two shared ample screen space together. So they really have come a long way!

my love for the star

Im Chul-Soo and Ko Kyu-Pil, the Crash Landing on You buddies are back

The duo was  first seen together in Crash Landing on You as literally the only two guys who were restlessly searching for Son Ye-Jin when she was last. From that, they’re now on the lookout for Kim Soo-Hyun to make sure he gets home safe every night.

crash landing

Which was your favorite reunion from the first two episodes of Queen of Tears? Let us know in the comments below!

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