Suga-Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ The Movie: A testament to the synergy amongst Armys and the genius of Agust D!

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Suga-Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ The Movie

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an Army in a country that BTS has never been to before, let me vicariously take you through what it feels like at pretty much every BTS concert film ever!

After the enlistment back in December and months of feeling a bit out of touch with my BTS Army side, Suga’s D-Day concert film couldn’t have come at a better time! It is the perfect thing to fill the void we have been feeling. The irony of all of this is that just a few weeks back I was crying at work during lunch time watching their dance practice videos. I was missing them so much and lowkey thinking ‘What if the hype has gone down in India?’ ‘Why am I not seeing Armys around me anymore?’ But my fandom never fails to shock me. On a Thursday night, shows were running housefull. It felt as if all of us had gathered after a year to celebrate the mastermind that is Agust D aka Suga. 

The minute I entered, I saw everyone unanimously dressed in black and wearing the merch from his concert last year. Two people held his poster up high and just out of nowhere all of us gathered and made a huge crowd around it and took a picture. And I instantly felt like I’m home. This is where I belong, alongside people who have the same wavelength as me when it comes to my love for BTS. Where else would you have an unsaid understanding with a stranger and click a picture standing next to them? I did not know anyone’s name, I didn’t know where they were from but I had an instant connection with everyone because we felt seen and understood in a way that only we could comprehend. I saw a woman, who might’ve been in her late 30s, dress up so cutely for the concert with her bag decorated with photocards. After a brief conversation with her, she shared that she had actually been to Suga's concert IRL. Getting to know how he is in real just hyped the experience more for me and if that wasn't enough, she then gifted me a Wotteo pin as well. In the past 2 years, no matter which BTS concert event I’ve attended,I have always come back with precious memorabilia and I feel that is the beauty of our fandom.

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As people started cheering after taking pictures, I had tears in my eyes. Yes, the movie hasn’t even started yet. But it was the closest I would get to a real concert for a while and I knew this was my safe space. I entered the theater. The lights went out. The screen went white and the Hybe logo came on. My heart was racing because I knew the minute I saw him on-screen I would be transported to the BTS world which is an escape from reality that I hadn’t gotten in months.

Watching Suga’s face in IMAX was a journey of its own. It felt as if he was right in front of me. I was in awe of how good he looked and just appalled by how his skin was clearer than my future. Then the concert began. And we all knew the set list by heart. It wasn’t like there was anything to be surprised about. But every single time he makes his entry on stage with Haegum and Daechwita, I cannot help but scream ‘Who’s the King Who’s the Boss!’ with the rest of the room. After a point the whole theater was on its feet, we were all singing and dancing along with him.

For those of you who aren’t well-versed, Suga is a member of BTS and Agust D is his alter ego that he uses for his solo albums. So as Agust D, his songs have a lot of anger in them and that reflects on stage too. The rage comes out through his voice and that’s what fills the audience with so much power to cheer back as well. It is fascinating to see how we reciprocate the same energy he was giving us. One of the major reasons why he held the world tour last year was to fill the gap while BTS is on a break. He says in the film that of course the 7 of them performing together would’ve been great but because of their military enlistment that won’t be possible for two years so Agust D is the hope we get before 2025. Songs like Trivia: Seesaw, Life Goes On, People pt. 2 got all of us so teary eyed and made us miss them even more. 

But the highlight was to see Jungkook and Suga performing ‘Burn’ together. Followed by Tony Montana with Jimin and Strange with RM. We were taken back to the good old days. Since it has been quite a while since we saw the members together, even the smallest of reunions make us so happy! It is also enchanting how all of us were singing lines from rap songs like Amygdala, Cypher pt 3 & 4, Ddaeng and UGH when they aren’t even in a language most of us fully understand. The last leg of the set list included the songs ‘D-Day’, ‘Snooze’ ‘Intro: Nevermind’ and ‘The Last’. As Agust D bid adieu to us, there were a lot of emotions that I experienced. Firstly this is probably the last time we see him as Agust D and I’m going to miss his solo projects so much. Having said that, this concert film just felt like a teaser before what’s about to follow, starting with Jin’s return from the military this June.

Suga-Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ The Movie was a much needed and beautiful reminder of what the relationship between BTS and Armys is really made of. The grandeur of the production, the magnum opus-like feel of the songs and lyrics that tug at your heartstrings is what the concert film and Agust D leaves behind for us as he will rise again as Suga of BTS when he returns in 2025.

Suga-Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ The Movie is currently playing at selected theaters!

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