V's solo album Layover is a soothing journey of songs that’ll make you slow dance on a rainy day or go on a road trip all by yourself!

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V's solo album Layover

With V’s solo album Layover another BTS project takes the internet by storm. From the lyrics to the melodies everything is being broken down and discussed and here’s our take on the K-pop star’s new album!

We’ve all been waiting for KTH1 (Kim Taehyung 1) for quite some time now! V previously mentioned that there were quite a few reasons why the album was delayed but in my opinion the album couldn’t have come at a better time! Right in the middle of the rainy season falls V’s solo album ‘Layover’ which not only sets the perfect mood for the weather but also everything from the promotions to the songs to all the music videos oozes out his personality in the best way possible. V is known to think out of the box or usually have a unique take on things compared to his fellow members and he went with the same vibe for his album as well. 

It all started last month when Hybe announced his album, but what shocked everyone was that out of the five songs in his album, he had filmed music videos for every single one of them which is a rarity in itself and not just that, two of them were going to be released literally in the same week of the announcement. There was no time to process. First came Love Me Again’s music video followed by Rainy Days. Usually K-Pop idols like creating a certain hype before their release. There’s concept photos, teasers, and then the music video and the whole album that follows but Taehyung spread out his entire Layover schedule. There were music videos first and concept photos released in the middle of that. There was no teaser for the title track but there was one for ‘Blue’ , the music video that will be coming out next week. It is very similar to NewJeans’ promotion schedule as the entire production of his album was headed by Min Hee-Jin, ADOR’s CEO. 

Now what are concept photos? For the ones who are not very familiar with K-Pop album releases, concept photos are basically what sets the tone for your album. It literally has the power to increase the interest in your album or decrease it if you get it wrong. V’s concept photos consisted mostly of him being himself in what they like to call it ‘a boyfriend look’. Oversized hoodie, colored hair, cuddling with his dog Yeontan and of course the second look was suits, baseball cap, long hair and guitars. It mixes various parts of his personality so well! There are 4 versions of the album and they are packaged in a way that it feels like it is personally delivered to us by V.

The overall vibe of the album talks about longing for love, reminiscing the good old times you had with your ex lover and wishing you could love them again. It’s heartbreak, love and lust put together by V’s soulful voice.

Here’s how V describes his heartache through these five songs in the album!

Rainy Days: The music video shows him living alone in his house with his pet Yeontan and going about his usual chores. But the lyrics ‘Rainy days i’m thinking bout you, what to say wish I knew how to’ basically highlights how while we all are moving on with life, we still have that one person in the back of our mind. He is having a day where he is happy at home but he can still feel his partner's touch, he remembers how it felt to be together and he’d rather have that. 

Blue: While the music video is yet to be released, from whatever the teaser and the songs tell us so far, we see him banging on the door with an angry expression or driving in the car looking for someone, and it feels like he is looking for answers, looking for closure from his partner. Knowing V’s keen interest in Jazz, the song totally fits the genre which makes it very different from other songs we’ve heard from him so far.

Love Me Again: The title of the song itself explains what it’s about. He wonders where his partner is, who she is with, what she might be doing right now and thinks if she wonders the same about him. We’ve all had moments of weaknesses similar to this where we cannot help but want to know every detail about our ex partner’s life simply because at one point we had access to that every single day and now moving our own separate ways is a rather difficult process. The music video is pretty simple, it’s V just singing the song with a live band with red and gold turtleneck outfits which make him stand out. 

Slow Dancing: The music video for the title track of the album was released today. In the three minute video, you can see V going on a trip with his friends, clicking pictures, dancing on the beach and gazing at the night sky. But as you process it, you realize that he has made this alternate reality for himself. The friends are all versions of himself. And he basically lives in a world where Yeontan’s face is on a mountain. Maybe it’s his way of dealing with a heartbreak, he creates a happy world for himself so he doesn’t have to be alone while dealing with a break up. The song has an extremely soothing and relaxing 1970s vibe to it. Something you’d play in the car when you go for a road trip. 

For Us: ‘You went from my home to it was nice to know you’. That’s how the song starts and tells you right from the beginning that this is about how someone has gone from being a lover to a stranger real quick. It is astonishing to see how he sings about such intense feelings in the most romantic way. His deep voice in the song feels like soup for the soul and while it is a song about heartbreak, it still manages to linger on your mind all day long. 

There’s also a bonus track which is basically a piano version of Slow Dancing which furthermore adds to the Jazz vibe of the album.

Armys have been ecstatic ever since Layover released and here’s what they had to say! 

Have you heard the album yet? Tell us what you thought in the comments below!

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