Whatsapp once again suffered an interruption of services in the early hours of Wednesday. So, of course users turned to Twitter with tons of memes in their arsenal.

This isn’t the first time that WhatsApp has been down in India. The platform has been frequently suffering outage issues with services getting expelled for hours. This could be due to the excessive usage of the application amidst the global pandemic.

Users faced issues like not being able to send/receive messages, logging into their Whatsapp or opening the application. Netizens started trolling the app and hashtags #WhatsApp and #WhatsAppDown started trending on Twitter.

It truly seemed like a ‘GOOD’ morning as we safely escaped from the family Whatsapp group’s good morning messages! Memers know how to lighten up any stressful or alarming situation with hilarious memes.

Check out these funny memes here:

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