Check out how people reacted to news of the idea of White Chocolate Nutella on the internet.

Nutella has to be a food item that has zero haters. If Nutella ever decides on standing for elections, it would win and the ones who invented this deserve all the love in the world. There can be nothing more heavenly and versatile satisfying every person’s heart and stomach. Despite the unconditional love that it receives, the idea of someone inventing White Chocolate Nutella has broken some hearts on the internet.

The Internet is a very unpredictable world where you can never know what to expect. One thing that has recently stirred conversation online is the idea of a White Chocolate Nutella. The ultimate mood booster that is known and loved for the rich, intense chocolate flavour has got its milker version. Although there are a bunch of white chocolate lovers, the idea of Nutella becoming milky is unacceptable to most.

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For everyone that wanted the white Nutella recipe**, yes this is a recipe***, I got it from @aufstrichqueen_vera who is the Queen of all *hand made* chocolate bar related spreads! It's white chocolate (Milky Bar is my choice) Kinder White schokobons (Not 100% sure if @brucesuperc still has them, if not hazlenut butter is a good substitute), hazlenut butter and oil such as sunflower or vegetable. Now I dont put heaps of oil or preservatives, so it will harden. Make it to your specifications. So mine was 2 blocks of Milky Bar, a bag of Kinder white Schokobons, both crushed and melted, added the oil from the hazlenut butter, a scoop of the hazlenut butter, some hazlenut syrup if you have if and some regular sunflower oil. Mixed it by tasted and then put it in jars. Mine went hard and weird looking after it sat in the jar (hence no preservatives and not much use of the oil, but I heated it and it comes back good as new). If you want that smooth Nutella consistency add more oil and it will stay like normal Nutella but I'd rather it go hard so it's that slightly bit thicker when cooled. Then you can pour it on cheesecakes and dip doughnuts in it and just all round pour that on EVERYTHING. My self included hahahahahaah. So go and let me know of your creations! Spread the word! Tag friends. Pour it on each other hahahha love it. 15/10. • • Hand made and found by @aufstrichqueen_vera • #foodie #foodlover #handmade #foodbloggers #fresh #whitenutella #foodbeast #fitnessfreak #fitnessmotivation #nutella #liftheavy #fitnessblog #fitfam #fitness #recipe #blogger #snacklife #iifymgirls #hazelnut #foodblog #snackreview #iifym #ifbb #munchies #cheatmeal #dirty #delicious #cheatday But this is so good dipped, poured, filled… Any questions, ask away! Love to y'all!

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This news has only come as an addition to this horrific year of 2020. The fact that it looks a lot like mayo makes it even more questionable. If it makes to your houses, there would definitely be incidents when your friend ends up making a cheese sandwich with it only to realize they used Nutella instead of Mayonnaise. And that, my friend, is a disastrous sandwich. However, this news has also intrigued many to actually give it a try. People have shared their mixed reactions and thoughts on his new discovery and we are all ears for it.

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