Why do we still love watching Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, 15 years after its release?

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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na will always give us the same wholesome vibe every single time we watch it, and on the occasion of its 15th anniversary, here’s why the film still remains a fan favorite!

There are certain movies we come across in our lifetime that we literally never ever get tired of watching. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na which was released back in 2008, that is 15 years ago exactly on this date, is a movie that still stays relevant yet close to our hearts. The film had elements which would resonate with generations to come. I mean everyone relates to looking back at their youthful days, the blossoming of young love, figuring out your life, yourself and most importantly doing all of that while making some unforgettable memories with your bestest friends. I clearly remember the day the film was released, most of us were still in school and ‘Pappu Can’t Dance’ became the new birthday party, school trip and sleepover anthem. Or when we all were curious to see two newcomers - Genelia and Imran, enter the film industry. While Genelia had that girl next door vibe to her, Imran had that chocolate boy image for himself in Bollywood. 

The main essence of the movie comes from the fact that it binds people together. It’s a movie that you get together at your friend’s house and watch together. Laugh about scenes from the movie that you have yourselves experienced together as a group. Reminisce about your first love or just chuckle while Jiggy cracks a PJ. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na fully made us fall in love with the opposites attract trope and they went from finding partners for each other to becoming that ideal partner for each other. They instilled hope in all of us that there is a Jay for all the Aditis out there and vice versa. 

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So here’s why we feel the movie is still so loved even 15 years after it came out!

The songs make you nostalgic of the early 2000s Bollywood era

Almost every girl wants her friends to sing her ‘Kabhi Kabhi Aditi’ while she behaves like she is the main character. Or when even the most macho man falls to his knees while listening to ‘Kahin Toh’. All of us still let loose and dance our hearts out to ‘Pappu Can’t Dance’. The songs perpetually bring out the same emotions that we felt when we first heard them. 

Saying no to toxic masculinity 

One of the major reasons why people loved Jay was because he did not believe in being a ‘mard’ by getting into fights and saving the day. He believed in communication, he was understanding, and he supported his best friend no matter what. That to us was more ‘manly’ than any kind of unnecessary macho show off. But that also does not mean he is a coward. When the time came, he did break his rules and stood up for Aditi against a real toxic guy like Sushant. 

Jay and Aditi’s best friends to lovers relationship

While Jay and Aditi were poles apart from each other, they still understood each other’s feelings best. They always looked at each other as best friends and thought that’s how it would always be like. But as quoted by the king of romance, Shahrukh Khan himself ‘Pyaar dosti hai’. Little did they know that their ‘dosti’ would turn into ‘pyaar’ too and what a beautiful journey that was! Their glass aadha khaali and glass aadha bhara made them wholeheartedly fall in love with each other and we all wish to have that kinda love.


Amit and Aditi’s sibling equation that hits close to home

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane gave us one of the most relatable and honest brother-sister relationships. They had a love-hate relationship like any two siblings would have. They would fight and almost rip each other’s hair out for a mere teasing but also be each other’s number one support system, that’s just how their love language works. No matter how aloof Amit may seem, Aditi still goes to have heart to heart conversations with him where she realizes she has always been Amit’s first best friend and always will be. They’re messy, fun, annoying and loving, all at the same time. 


Their college gang that everyone finds relatable

If you’ve been a part of a close knit group of friends like that, you’d fully know how fun it is to go on trips, make memories and just grow older together. There’s always a funny one, a dramatic one, the practical one and the cranky one in every group which is why the characters would be easier to relate to. 

Unconventional parents 

Be it Aditi’s or Jay’s parents, they were definitely not the quintessential sanskaari ones that we had seen in Hindi cinema back then. Aditi’s parents were super chill that they almost felt like her friends, whereas Jay’s mom wanted to raise her Rajput son away from his royal relatives and customs and give him a more liberal upbringing. The way Jay’s mom talks to his dad through the picture and their constant banter about what’s the right way to bring up their son is interesting and hilarious to say the least. 


The quintessential airport proposal scene

Jay was all about being subtle throughout the film but if there is anyone he would go all out and do a grand gesture for, it’s Aditi. All of us waited with bated breaths to see him reach the airport and confess his love. It’s go big or go home and the proposal scene will always be etched in our hearts.

Jay’s dramatic brothers

Arbaaz and Sohail Khan’s character were also one of the reasons that added to the film's humor. You would 100% stand out in a city like Mumbai if you arrive on a horse at an airport or a club. Not to forget their over the top cowboy attires that made them stand out amongst everyone. They always were at Jay’s rescue and had the best intentions for him. 


Happy 15th Anniversary to a movie that redefined our romantic standards and felt like soup for the soul!

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