4 reasons why Hunter Tootega Nahi Todega deserves a spot on your watchlist

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4 reasons why Hunter Tootega Nahi Todega deserves a spot on your watchlist

From Suniel Shetty’s raw avatar and power packed action to timeless songs, Amazon miniTV’s show Hunter Tootega Nahi Todega has been the talk of the town!

It has all the ingredients for a power-packed thriller, right from slick action, Suniel Shetty’s swag and style, Esha Deol’s confidence and passion, the show premise and a lot more. This 8 episodic series is an amalgamation of Bollywood action drama accompanied by new age thriller presupposition. Featuring captivating characters played by Suniel Shetty alongside Esha Deol, Rahul Dev, and Barkha Bisht among many others, the show is bound to keep the audience hooked till the very end. Directed by Prince Dhiman and Alok Batra and produced by Yoodlee films, the film division of Saragama, Hunter Tootega Nahi Todega is streaming on Amazon miniTV.

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And here's why you might want to watch this one!

Intense action with nuances of emotion


Hunter-Tootega Nahi Todega’s action-packed trailer showed off blazing guns and high-octane scenes, but the series also has a compelling emotional narrative that will keep the viewers hooked and grounded while watching it. Every episode witnesses various emotions, situations that one might be able to relate to.

Iconic and powerful dialogues


With nostalgic music playing in the background, scene 1 showcases Suniel Shetty dreaming and questioning "Ye Sab Kya Hai? Ye Sab Itna Acha Kyun Hai?" to a reality check of his grim "Galat," in his deep baritone voice serves a purpose to the larger meaning of the much-anticipated action-packed series. Rahul Dev's (Inspector Hooda) "Ab Toh Tu Khatam" keeps the audience wondering about inspector Hooda’s intentions as he questions Vikram - "Kab Tak Bhagte Rahoge, Vikram?" The crime-thriller is set to steal the limelight with its impeccable dialogue delivery. The powerful dialogue "4 Peg Whiskey, 5 Lakh Ka Nuksaan, Ek Barbaad Zindagi -- Superhero Banne Ki Aasaan Recipe," leaves us with our guessing game on.

Suniel Shetty back on screen


Suniel Shetty is back in an action avatar with this high impact action thriller drama as a tough cop - ACP Vikram. The one-man army that he is, it is always a treat to watch him on screen as he brings pure intensity and makes the viewers believe in his character. The audience will accompany him on his journey through Mumbai's seedy lanes as he searches for a missing woman while juggling his past and future. Here's what he has to say about it. "Along with my comeback into my favourite genre, I’ve been eager to know whether I still have it in me to deliver action-packed episodes expected of me. With my years of experience, I can say, I know my camera, I know my work and what can create an impact. Keeping up with the Suniel Shetty of yesteryears, the 10-year comeback has left me smarter than that Suniel Shetty was. Understanding the characters better, the action-oriented transition from movies to new-gen series feels nice. With each scene realistically portrayed end-to-end, the audience will relate to the action."

Timeless songs that will take you on a nostalgic trip


Taking us back down the memory lane, the series is sure to leave a mark on all age groups. Bollywood songs by Saregama makes the show premise stand out among other crime genre shows. From “Rang Barse”, and “Jeena yaha marna yaha” to “Chahe koi mujhe jungle kahe”, the series is sure to evoke certain emotions and leave us wanting more songs.

Check out the trailer here!

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