Keerthy Suresh and Selvaraghan star together in a classic vengeance story on Amazon Prime Video, Saani Kaayidhaam.

An exclusive digital release, Saani Kaayidhaam has managed to garner raving reviews owing to its riveting storyline and performances by Keerthy Suresh and Selvaraghan in this classic vengeance thriller. Director Arun Maheshwaran manages to distinguish Saani Kaayidhaam from the numerous other stories out there through his stellar direction that leaves the audience in awe. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss this compelling thriller that has skipped theatrical release and is directly streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

A hard-hitting story

Although the film has intense violence, it also becomes its soul, as it personifies the pain Ponni (Keerthy Suresh) and her half-sibling Sangaiyah (Selvaraghavan) are going through. We feel a deep connection to the characters, and the bond that these two broken individuals share, as we see them paying a hefty price for something they didn’t deserve. On the whole, this film is worth watching for the soul-searing performances by the lead actors, and of course, a story that needs to be heard.

Stellar performances by Keerthy Suresh and Selvaraghavan

The film rests firmly on the shoulders of the lead actors, who steal the screen with their presence. The former is absolutely brilliant as the revenge-hungry Ponni and uses her eyes and on-screen presence to great effect. On the other hand, director-turned-actor Selvaraghavan’s performance is the heartbeat of this film. They deserve all the appreciation for their outstanding performances for portraying multiple emotions in the best way possible.

A captivating piece of cinema

It’s no secret that director Arun Matheswaran has the magical ability to paint a powerful narrative through his frames. The way this film has been captured cinematographically – the shots, the colors, the chapters, and so on, stay with you long after the film has ended. The genius technique of using monochrome visuals as a means to convey the despair and suffering of the characters fits perfectly with the storyline. A tale of violent revenge about a victim fighting is something that makes it relatable and humane.

The Director

The director of the film, Arun Matheswaran, has not only crafted the scenes but also seasoned them with intense writing and sensitivity. The way he has staged gruesome scenes in a poetic manner will continue to amaze the audience. All the scenes deliver the exact intended mood, through light and color, without roaring for attention. You must watch this film to know what happens when a woman is pushed to the rock bottom of hell.

A woman takes center-stage

Often revenge dramas are driven and centered around male characters, who are left to do all the deadly action. There have been far and few films that are told from a female victim’s perspective, but nothing as wild and hard-hitting as Saani Kaayidham. Kudos to Arun Matheswaran, who dared to put a female character in this revenge narrative. What follows is she unleashing hell, going on a killing spree assassinating her culprits.

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