Creator and Digital Celebrity, Ankush’s makeup venture is not only breaking stereotypes but also helping makeup beginners with simple yet impressive looks.

Digital space has revolutionized the art of makeup. People are experimenting with various looks while showing off the power of makeup. It has opened new horizons for the art of makeup. Makeup is no longer identified with a singular gender but all and every person who loves the art. It has evolved from only being an act associated with being feminine to something that people use to feel good about themselves or to express themselves. We have seen many people excel in their makeup skills and among them, Creator Ankush’s Wing It with Ankush Bahuguna is a great addition.

He is one of the few men to post makeup videos on his profile. One of his videos talking about why it is normal for men to put on makeup without judgements reached out to people and was highly appreciated as well.

He began conversations around cis men applying makeup and why it should not be something to be judged about. Soon he started his own Instagram page focusing on his makeup and putting in efforts to make himself and others feel great. He has been posting videos of him helping his friends and family get ready.

Check out some of his works on Wing it with Ankush here:

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