Winter is here, and so are male influencers with their outfit ideas to sass up your winter look. Check out these winter fashion looks for men and take your winter look a notch higher.

Winter is at its peak and it is beautiful. From chilly wind in some part of the country to snow in some, winter has made itself felt to everyone. What is also exciting is that we can finally wear our cosy sweaters and muffler. Let’s face it, winter fashion is so much better than summer fashion! If you’re not convinced, our handsome men from Instagram will do the bidding for us.

From fancy Puffer Jackets to Winter Boots, there is immense style inspiration that we can take to layer in fashion in this icy temperature.


Here are the best winter fashion looks for men recommended by male influencers that you have to secure in your wardrobe RN:

1. Siddharth Kerkar

2. Usaamah Siddique

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quite chilly

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3. Ranveer Allahbadia

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8 lessons from the professional world that I wish I knew when I'd just graduated :- . 1. Learn to say no – To night outs, to some professional opportunities and occasionally to certain relationships. Saying "Yes" to everything will land you in places you wish to be rescued from. 2. Say yes to good energy – Whether its people or activities, look for the places where you feel a RISE in energy once your interaction with the place is over. Your energy levels are directly linked to your INSTINCT. Your instinct will shape up your career path for you if you let it. A drop in energy after an activity/meeting is a warning sign from your instinct. 3. Network is networth – Cliched but true. Learn to LEARN from everyone you meet. Even the bad ones. Keep the good ones close and work hard enough to become a "good one" yourself. Your network will grow in size and quality at the same pace that your achievement list grows. Work on both games! 4. Stay fit – No career exists without its ups & downs. Ups are easy to handle. Downs will destroy you if you don't have a stable mind. A stable mind is a direct outcome of a fit lifestyle. Also, you'll look (and feel) sexier. Which is a big boon for ALL careers. 5. Lead from the front – Delegate work to your subordinates. But delegate your work ethic along with it. People follow leaders who invoke fire in their hearts. Remember this saying for life, "People don't quit organizations, they quit people." Make sure you help your juniors grow and make sure you yourself are worth sticking with. 6. How to create MAGIC – Give every single work task your BEST shot. The universe registers all your hard work – even those days where you think you've worked towards no prize of your own. Magical things take place when you're too busy to notice! Keep yourself busy irrespective of who's looking or clapping. . 7. Education does not stop after college – Your life's GREATEST skills will not be taught to you in classrooms. They'll be taught on YouTube, podcasts & dinner tables. Stay hungry for KNOWLEDGE. Growth will follow. Education stops in college for those who choose to be followers, not leaders. 8. Don't be an asshole. Don't work with assholes.

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Goodbye 2019 ☕ A year full of ups & downs taught me some crucial life lessons. 2019's learnings : . 1. New office, new companies, same hustle : I cried hard the day we moved into the new office. I began this journey with a phone camera and a bed sheet as a backdrop. We began @monkentertainment in a garage. And after 4 years of blood, sweat and tears, God gifted us our dream office space. This reward taught me an important lesson – The greatest successes are built when hard work happens AFTER rewards are won. Most people work hard only until they win something. The greats choose to work harder after every reward that life gives them. It is hard to be successful. It is EXTREMELY hard to be great. Chase greatness, not just success. You decide your own limits. Always tell yourself "It is only just the beginning". . 2. Travelled more this year than ANY. Got educated more than ever : Assam, Punjab, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Bangalore in 1 year. Turned me into a different person. Travelling will be your GREATEST education in life. Embrace the idea of "travel conversations". If you want success in life, it's all about understanding how human minds work. And nothing will teach you about human minds more than talking to people from different cultures. Travel used to be only about food for me. Now, travel is primarily about conversations with strangers. Everyone can be a guru if you allow them to be one. 3. Suffering happens for a reason : June-September of this year was the darkest phase I'd faced in my life. And September onwards, we began #TheRanveerShow, our biggest property yet. A podcast that is positively impacting lives all over the world… Began from an extremely dark personal mind space. That's why the show has SO much mental health content. I always strive to put out content that I didn't have access to when I needed it. This cycle of suffering alone and then spreading SOLUTIONS for the world has been the core of what we do. Since the beginning. And I know it's been the reason that life has been so kind to us. Moral : Be the light you wish you had. Money, numbers and growth will take care of themselves. Have a beautiful new year folks.

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4. Nikhil Sharma (Mumbaiker Nikhil) 

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5. Bhuvan Bam

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Choti choti aakhein, badey badey khwaab?

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6. Be You Nick

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Awara Hoon

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7. Ashish Chanchlani 

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Gareebo ki raaz movie ka 3rd side actor

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8. Dirven Hazari

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Hal Chaumpal Paye Dukan te ?#sindhionism

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9. Abhinav Mathur

10. Shakti Singh Yadav


11. Mohit Hiranandani

12. Jainam Vora

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