With the surge of debates around the #MeToo movement, people are either supporting the women or saying that some of them are just publicity stunts. The bigger question is – are we doing anything about the ones that are genuine? The recent case with Alavia Khawaja surely gives the answer – NO.

Twitter saw an uproar when one of its users, Alavia Khawaja, posted a thread describing how she was harassed and saw no support from the police or Airbnb. According to the tweet, she had put one of the rooms in her apartment on rent and when she came back, her guest was cleaning the apartment, had picked her bedroom lock, thrown all the pictures of her male friends and stolen from her! Here’s what she said:

Speechless yet? Well, you’re in for more psychotic surprises. After she filed a complaint and the police didn’t show support, she showed them the text that he sent through Airbnb, but due to his “clean record”, no one did anything. Airbnb was also being unresponsive and didn’t take any actions.

She replied back to him to get the confession, in which he said he was coming over because he “needed” to see her! Creeped out much? Here’s what happened next:

Not only was he dangerous, but he also tried calling her from jail 4 times! Alavia complained to Airbnb again and it took them 2 weeks to delete his profile. They really do have top notch service facilities, don’t they?

Here’s what people had to say:
1. If only they’re that vigilant.

2. Blame her, sure. How about people just stop being creeps whether it’s a woman or a man?

3. I think it’s one of the biggest fears for women as a community.

4. Wow. So this isn’t his first victim.

5. He does look creepy, tbh.

6. It’s very hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is going through something this horrific.

7. She should definitely consider suing Airbnb.

8. They could’ve done a lot of things but guess what happened?

Honestly, it’s high time that women should be able to walk without looking over their shoulders all the damn time! Calling it unfair would be an understatement. I hope the authorities start taking these cases seriously or do they need an actual crime to happen to start taking precautions?